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Hi guys

Sorry, I'm pretty much a lurker here,but the sale of my Zed will go toward a GTR, either a 33 or 34 as my fiance's expecting our first child!

Feb. 04 Standard Gunmetal 350Z

~32K miles FNSH

I bought this car whilst my fiance was still living in Glasgow and was travelling
down from Aberdeen most weekends - 300mile round trip.

Bought from Stevie-B, a member on the original 350ZUK site with 3800 miles on it.

Completely standard exterior wise save for some front splash guards and a stubby ariel


Tanabe Sustec Pro S-OC Type II Height adj. Short Ram Suspension
SPC Rear adj. Camber Arms+Toe Bolts

Stoptech Slotted 2 peice Areo Rotors on Front
Project Mu Pads All Round
Pilot Sport Tyres

Borla True Dual Exhaust
Kinetix High Flow Cats
AAM Angled Plenum Spacer
JWT Popcharger

CF Engine Cover
Grounding kit

Stuart B Tonneau Cover
Zed Mats
Zed Boot Mat

LED Fog Light- Clear Cluster
Silver Turn Signal Bulbs
Car Cradle for Siemens S55

Bad Points:

The Front wheels could do with a refurb.
There is a tiny, and I mean tiny dent in drivers door.
Completely unnoticable unless you're really looking for it- 5p sized.

I'll email pictures to anyone that interested, drop me a PM

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Time wasting son of a sod leads to price drop!!

Now £18 000

Priced to sell.

Standard suspension is still available also.....

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Price now £16,500!!!!

Car has to go.
Whoever buys this car will be getting a sensibly modded,really well loved
and looked after example:smokin:
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