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Hi Guys

I have great pleasure in presenting our latest car for sale. And, again at a great landed price.

This is a beautiful white BNR32 GTR loaded with some great extra's. To many the 32GTR epitomises just what GTR ownership brings to the masses. With masses of power, lightweight body and NISSAN's race winning design these versions ar enow becoming a modern classic. This is a mid run version finished in pure white. The interior seats and panels are intact with no splits, the dash has a small lift to the passenger side and the steering wheel has peeling.


1992 BNR32 RB26DETT
5 Speed g-box with 4WD ATTESSA
90,000 miles.
Std body work in excellent condition.
Veilside front splitter (removed for shipping).
GTR Rear Spoiler.
N1 Lightweight Headlamps.
Twin Plate Clutch.
Remapped SPI ECU to produce approx 380bhp
Height adjustable coilver suspension
Adjustable front and rear strut braces.
Uprated front and rear brake pads.
Uprated down pipes for increased response.
Trust Exhaust system with OEM Catalyst.
Uprated intercooler.
Grex remote oil system
Trust Single blow off vale on custom hardpipe
HKS Airfilters
NISMO 260KPH Clocks
NISMO Bonnet Lip
Turbo Timer
Std 16" Forged Alloys (now becoming rare)

All in all a great specification to make an extremely fast and great handling road car.

ECU can be changed to a GTRShop version to run advanced fueling/Ignition and to run UK fuel for small additional fee.

Price landed in UK £6500

Vehicle lands mid January.

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