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We are offering MeisterR Zeta-S Coilovers at 10% OFF for GTROC Members.

MeisterR Zeta-S Zeta-R Coilovers

The Specification of the Zeta-R Coilovers:
*Aluminium Top Mount with Pillowball Bearings
*Extended Rear Aluminum Top Mount
*Monotube damper with 32 stage damping adjustment (Compression and Rebound Combined)
*Linear Rate SAE9254 Chrome Silicon Steel Springs
*Lengthen Heavy Duty Rubber Boot and Bump Stop
*Aluminium Spring Perch, Locking Collar, and Lower Bracket
*Dual Perch Coilovers Construction (Independent Ride Height and Spring Tension Adjustments)

How to order? Price?

Ordering couldn't be easier. Simply place your order at the MeisterR website ( MeisterR: Ultra-High Performance Suspensions ) and check out using the secured webshop.
All you have to do is enter the voucher code below during checkout and your discount will be automatically calculated.

Just put in the voucher code GTR10 during checkout to get your discount... Simple! :)

If you have any problem, please feel free to PM me or E-mail me at [email protected]

Details of MeisterR Zeta-R Coilovers​

Aluminum Top Mount with Pillowball Bearings.
Anodised Red Aluminum Top Mount replace your old and tired steel top mount.
The pillowball bearing provide increase steering response giving a much more positive "feel" to the overall response of the suspension.

MonoTube Dampers with Black Chromium Plated Body, Cold Coiling SAE9254 Chrome Silicon Steel Springs
MonoTube Dampers ensure high performance damping quality and ability to dissipate heat under hard usage.
The Black Chromium Plating have endure salt spray test and is by far the best plating available.
There are 32 stage damping adjustment (Compression and Rebound Combined).
Lengthen Rubber Boot ensure the damper piston will be protected from harsh environment.
The Cold Coiled Linear Rate Springs use high grade SAE9254 Steel to ensure strength and provide linear and predictable weight transfer characteristic.

Anodised Aluminium Spring Perch and Locking Collar
Lightweight Aluminium Collars are use to lock your springs and brackets in place.
The "Polyamide" springs isolator are use to reduce noise and spring binding issue associated with rubber isolator.

Aluminium Lower Bracket
Lightweight Aluminium Bracket are used to reduce unsprung weight even further.

Here are a few pictures from members with the MeisterR Zeta-R Coilovers Installed on their GTR.

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