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Martyn’s R33 Skyline used parts list 2014
2 pair of R33 Gtr door glass. £100.00
2 white GTR doors £ 60.00 each or £110.00 the pair
1 white door £60.00
1 silver door £60.00
1 pair white GTR door mirrors £45.00 each or £80.00 the pair
1 GTR radiator fan cowling £40.00
1 RB26DETT ignition amplifier £45.00
2 RB 25 DET knock sensors £20.00 each
2 RB oil pressure sensors £20.00 each
RB26DETT boost control valve £20.00
RB25DET variable valve timing control valve £20.00
R33 GTST PAS steering speed/ pressure control valve £20.00
R33 gearbox switch £15.00
R33 GTSt green lable Idle air control valve £30.00
R33 drivers elec window relay unit £25.00
R33 Wiper motor intermittent relay £15.00
R33 wiper motor £30.00
R33 Drivers elec window switch unit £30.00
R33 door mirror control switches £ 25.00 each
R33 hazard and heated rear window switch £20.00 each
R33 climate control unit £45.00
R33 centre console fog light switch £15.00
3 R33 GTSt turbo elbow £35.00 each
2 r/h R33 electric window mechanism with motors £35.00 each
2 l/h R33 electric window mechanism with motors £35.00 each
1 R33 GTR PAS reservoir £20.00
3 RB25DET alloy turbo intake castings (3 bolt fitting) £ 20.00 each
2 RB25DET std oil cooler housings. £20.00 each
1 RB25DET top inlet plenum £40.00
4 RB25DET Std recirc valves £10.00 each
2 RB25DET oil filler cap £10.00 each
4 RB25DET stock fuel pressure regulators £20.00 each
2 R33 viscous fan coupling £20.00 each
2 RB25DET alloy engine mounting brackets £20.00 pair
1 RB25DET air con compressor £50.00
1 RB25DET air con belt tensioner and casting £25.00
1 RB26DETT sump baffle plate £20.00
2 R33 Gearbox mountings £25.00 each
1 Pair R33 GTSt top camber adjustable arms £100.00
1 R33 GTSt top rear suspension link arm £40.00
1 R33 GTSt r/h lower rear suspension arm £40.00
2 R33 GTSt top left suspension arm £30.00 each
3 R33 suspension front uprights 2left 1 right £30.00 each
4 R33 GTSt front tie rods £25.00 each
1 R33 GTSt top rear curved top suspension link £25.00
1 pair R33 GTR lower suspension arms £30.00 each or £50.00 pair
1 pair white R33 door handles £20.00
1 pair R33 door catches/ locking motors £20.00 each or £30.00 pair
3 clutch slave cylinder £25.00 each
R33 GTST standard rear axle crown wheel and pinion £20.00
3 R33 GTR standard gear levers £10.00 each
R33 GTS rear driveshaft £30.00 each or £50.00 pair
R33 GTR servo without cylinder £25.00
R33 GTST seatbelts £20.00 each or sensible offer for the set
R33 GTST stock exhaust less cat £50.00
R33 GTR Tein HA adjustable suspension needs tlc £100.00
R33 GTSt l/h & r/h front inner wing guard rear section £25.00each
2 R33 GTSt air box and intake pipe £20.00
R33 GTSt std turbo actuator £25.00
R33 GTST standard coil springs £40.00
R34 GTT standard front coil spring £15.00
R33 GTSt standard wing mount intercooler £20.00
R33 GTST gearbox cross member £10.00
R33 GTSt full brake hose set £ 50.00
R33 speedo surround £10.00
R33 GTR dash cluster with no speedo £20.00
Universal 45mm 3 guage pod £20.00
R34 GTT 2.5 neo exhaust manifold to head gasket £15.00
R33/34 RB25DET valve stem seals £15.00
2 R33 GTSt front pipe to turbo gaskets £5.00 each
4 R33 decat pipe gaskets £5.00 each
SR20 turbo to manifold gasket £10.00
SR20 turbo elbow to turbo gasket £10.00
R33 GTSt GT wing badges £20.00 pair
2 apexi dash stand/brackets unboxed one £15.00 boxed one £20.00
2 60mm guage brackets £5.00 each
R33 washer bottle cap £5.00
R33 GTR coil pack mounting alloy castings £10.00
Assorted coil packs £20.00 each or deals on multiples
RB26 metal pipes from around the cylinder block –offers
RB25 and RB26 hoses mixed what do you want? –offers
Driver and passenger plastic kick panels £25.00 each
2 White “Skyline” rear panels £10.00 each
R33 interior light (roof centre)£ 10.00
R33 GTSt stock fuel pump £25.00
R33GTSt fuel tank unit top rubber circle seal (new)£5.00
4 R33 GTR side repeaters £10.00 a pair
4 R33 GTSt side repeaters £10.00 pair
1 black R33 GTST driver’s door mirror £45.00
1 R33 GTR passenger headlight repaired around top bracket but good to use £55.00
2 Japspeed Exhaust silencer bungs £10.00 each
R 33 GTSt S1 black std boot spoiler(no brake light tho)£30.00
2 set stock injectors RB25 DET £40.00 the lot
R33 GTR inner wing guard rear section l/h and r/h £35.00 each
R33 GTR inner wing guard front section with brake scoop not mint but useable and main part not cracked/broken £40.00

Prices are negotiable depending what you want so please feel free to browse the pics and send me your requests and I will discuss prices etc with you via messages
If you need more pictures please ask and leave me your email addy :driving:

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