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Sadly im gonna have to sell these or im never going to get my project to the stage where it needs wheels :rolleyes::(

This is the original advert for them
SXOC Bulletin Board

Rears are 17 * 9 and a half (1/2j) et 35
Fronts are 17* 8 and half (1/2j) et 35

The only difference from that advert is ive taken two tyres off to get better damage pics but still have them (although they are shot anyway).

I paid £450 for them and id like as close to that back or ill just not eat for a few months

I got tons more pictures of them as I spent a few weeks email places to get the damage sorted. Ive found 2 places so far that have had the pictures emailed to them and say that can fix it relativly cheap
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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