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Set of 18" compomotives with 245 Michelin Porsche Super cup slicks on.
Slicks will easily last either 1 heavy or 2 medium use trackdays.

If you havn't used slicks before you will be blown away by the additional grip.
Wheels are in very good cond, few kerb marks around the rim but great great set of race/trackday wheels or easy refurb for road use.

Bought these a few months ago to use as slicks this year on the GTR but due to:

A/ cash becoming tight yet again on the GTST drag project - nearly nearly finished & need a final few £ to help buy a carbon clutch & prop shaft not originally budgeted for

B/ the more I think about it the less time I will probably have to do that many trackdays this year due to either competitions or testing with the GTST.

Looking for £900 - no offers & if they dont sell I'll put them in the loft for next year. Prefer collection (Weymouth) but may be able to sort something out etc.


p.s - can e-mail pics no problem - still cant post attachments on here after 14 months !! arrrghhhh - help someone please
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