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Hey folks,

finally listing these up , the rims are new iirc only test fitted one if my memory serves me well got some super RARE practically new 57xtreme Alloy Wheels... please note these are not like your average racing wheels being Rays they are the top dogs when it comes to Racing Alloys. I believe these are discontinued and pretty hard to get hold of tbh so don't miss out. Come with decent tyres around 5mm Falkens and Continentals.

These should have been the wheels on the R34 GTR from the factory IMO... saying that I am abit of a sucker when it comes to the OEM R34 rims aswell so if it helps somebody then I don't mind doing an exchange +cash my way.

Spec are as follows:

18x10.5j +15

£2300 (new £2500+duties/vat etc +no tyres)


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