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This was previously listed but the buyer was unable to proceed so am needing to relist.

The situation with my car is as follows. Its a 1991 R32 GTR. It was imported in 2005 myself being the first owner. It was originally looked at by Whifbitz where they changed the belts and suspension bushes (Nismo) and converted to MPH from KPH. I drove for a year and subsequently garaged it for two years until recently where I got it back on the road in May.

In getting it back on the road I gave it to Abbey who did £3,500 worth of work which included new suspension arms, new radiator, water pump, plugs, changing all 3 belts and typical cleaning and health checking.

Unfortunatly lady luck was not with me on this occasion and on a road test the engine failed and is now back with Abbey, they suspect it has spun a bearing. I have since decided to sell as is. Everything is in very good condition and fully worked (hence full Abbey care). Would be a good car for anybody wanting to detail their own power options etc. I've included some high res pics for your viewing.

Pictures Here

The details are as follows

R32 GTR - 1991 in Wine Red
Milage is 75,500

Modifications were quite light
-Oil Cooler
-Uprated exhaust (Veilside tail pipe, downpipe back improvements)
-HKS Induction shrooms

Please PM if interest, car is at Abbey if you need to view or please talk to Mark or Scott if you need 3rd party info/views regarding the car

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Appologies I missed off some detail, MOT was done in May (Passed without issue).

Some elements I previously forgot to list which are part of the car are as follows

-OS Geiken Twin Plate clutch
-Uprated radiator (abbey just put this on)
-front and rear strut brace
-Toad Alarm / Immobiliser
-Sony Head Unit CD/MP3
-Turbo Timer

I intend to sell as is with everything included.

Thanks peeps
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