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I have owned this car for 6 years, it was imported by, I am the only UK owner.
In it's time here it has been serviced and upgraded by Marc Light (The Garage) Rod Bell (RB Motorsport) and latterly by Calum Gordon from Checkpoint Garage in Arbroath. It has been mapped by Sam Elassar at Dentistmapped and has had all fluids changed regularly.
The car was originally Gun Metal Grey, It had a windows out respray in 2005 and had front and rear window seals replaced at that time. It has had the rear arches cut out and replaced about 18 months ago with a fresh bottom half respray.
It has a standard bottom end, I tested the compression recently and it was fine.
At 1.2 bar it was dyno'd at 541 bhp and 423lb/ft torque
It has also been mapped up to 1.6 bar, there are no dyno figures for this but it's running 89% duty cycle on 720cc Injectors at roughly 7,250rpm (limiter) and still pulling hard. (this is from the hand commander)
It is very responsive and a hell of a lot of fun to drive but I hardly use the car now so it's time to move on.
I have a folder of receipts for almost everything I have ever spent on it from day 1.
The car is very clean inside and all boot panels are in place.
Taxed and MOT'd
The private number plate will be included.
The spec...............


Apexi air filters
Twin RB 25 Air Flow Meters (Green label)
Trust/Greddy Intercooler
Trust/Greddy 1/2 hard pipe kit
Modified OE Turbo Intake Pipe
HKS GT2530 BB Turbo's (less than 8k miles from new)
HKS Turbo Elbows
HKS Actuators
HKS Downpipes
HKS 280l/ph In-tank Fuel Pump
Trust Power Extreme II Exhaust
Tomei 1.2mm Head Gasket
OS Giken Adjustable Lightweight Cam Pulleys & Belts
Trust Timing Belt
Tomei Poncams 9.25 Lift / 260 Deg
720cc Fuel Injectors
Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator
RB Motorsport Oil Cooler
RB Motorsport Oil Filter Relocation Kit


Apexi Power FC ECU
Apexi FC Hand Commander
Apexi AVC-R Boost Controller (Black Edition)
New OE Ignition Amplifier
New OE Coil Subharness
Splitfire Coil Packs
Toad Ai 606 Cat1 Alarm / Immobiliser
Fog lights incorporated into inner brake lights
Big battery teminals for UK battery
Greddy spark plugs heat range 9
(will also include earth kit bought through GTROC club shop, not fitted)


Ogura Twinplate Racing Clutch 709 Series
Tanabe Suspension (very stiff)
Recent R33 GTR Rear Diff swap (low miler from the GTR shop)
Gearbox recently replaced (low miler from the GTR shop)
Wheels & Tyres
Rota GTR Drift Alloys White 18" x 9.5" +30 Offset (refurbed as new)
Falken 452's 255 35 18 (nearly new)
25mm bolt on wheel spacers (purely cosmetic)


Brembo Front Calipers/Brembo Discs
Brembo Rear Calipers/Brembo Discs
Brembo Brake Pads
Mocal Braided Brake Hoses
Cusco Brake Master Cylinder Brace

Bodykit (From Japsalon)

Trial Front Bumper
TBO Sideskirts
Trust Rear spats
Modded Mesh Front Grill (will include OE grill colour matched to car, minted)
Polished Slam Panel


Sparco Monza Steering Wheel (will include Nardi classic wheel as well,mint condition)
Greddy "A" pillar Twin Gauge mount
Blitz 60mm Black light meter Boost gauge
Blitz 60mm Black light meter Oil pressure gauge (powered up but not plumbed in yet, sender is included)
Blitz 60mm Black light meter Exhaust temp gauge (with new Greddy holder not yet fitted, but also included)
Nismo Gearknob


There are pics in this thread and although the spec has changed since then the car looks the same.If the weather clears up I will take some more pics this weekend.

There are a cpl of bad points which are reflected in the price.
There is slight jacking damage to the subframe in the usual place, there are 2 small bubbles on the dash and a small bit of wear on the drivers bolster.
The lower front arms could do with replacing and the underseal is about 18months old.
The suspension is very stiff and in all honesty could do with replacing.
Mileage is roughly 85-90k mls but I changed from km's to mls and the M.O.T station noted the total as miles so shows total of 135k mls on M.O.T cert.

Priced low to sell at £6750......


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Hi Gaz, been mulling it over for a while now. I'm off nightshift and on 12 hr dayshifts permanently and I'm gonna be 7 days a week till next March with just the Xmas holidays off.:( I've deliberately not told you or Les as I know you'll talk me out of it ;) I'll give you a bell later in the week mate.

I've had a 4 enquiries and 2 serious offers one of which I've countered :) so it may be gone soon.


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That was quick mate, didn't think it would last long at that price. Speaking from personel experience this is a well sorted GTR, I have had the privelige of seeing this car develop over the years since Charlie bought it from a pretty much standard car to the gut wrenching monster that it has become.

Unfortunatly he has sold it before I could talk him out of it.



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CHAZ!!!!!! WTF!!!!

not good mate!! cant believe you've sold her!! whats gonna happen if i get another ***** soon??? lmao

she certainly looked good when you sold her, remember it well when you got her... i not long had mine, little play on the M8 hahaha

but welcome to my world... get used to corsas and the likes ripping you now lol

GAZ, nice car mate, when did you upgrade???
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