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I'm thinking of having a change of car.

I bought this celica as a stop gap whilst building my finances back up following writing off my old R32 GTR Skyline which is what i'd like next but there are a few others that i'd be interested in which i'll list at the bottom.

So on to the car:

As per the title its a 1994 ST205 GT4 and was imported in 2005. Its MOT'd till 22nd June 2010 and taxed for 3 or 4 months (will confirm tomorrow)

The car runs perfectly, starts first time every time, is always warmed up before going anywhere and is always allowed to cool down properly before switching off.

Prior to me owning it it was rolling roaded at 1.05 bar and returned 294.1bhp and 278lbs/ft. I've since turned the boost up to 1.1 bar so i'd estimate the power being 300ish bhp now 8)

Its always run on Optimax or BP ultimate and it will be having a service next week when I fit a load of new parts i've just bought which will be listed at the bottom.

The spec currently is:

Blitz Nur Spec R exhaust
Straight through de-cat downpipe currently fitted
Spare downpipe with high flow cat fitted for MOT time included
Apexi AVC-R
Blitz LM Induction Kit
Blitz Supersound BOV
TRD High Flow Oil Filter
TRD Iridium Spark Plugs
TRD Short Shifter Kit
TRD Lowering Springs
17" RV Alloys with new tyres all round
Red Rays Wheelnuts
TRD Front & Rear Spats
M-Type Side Skirts
6000k HID Kit on low beem
Clear Side Repeaters
TOAD Ai606 CAT1 Alarm with certificate
320mm Steering Wheel
TRD Gear Knob
TRD Horn Button
Red/Black Leather Gaiter

The car also currently has a 10" Sub fitted in the boot with full wiring kit and a Sony HDD head unit both of which aren't included in the sale but can be added at extra cost if a buyer should want them ;)

Arriving / being fitted next week are the following:

A set of KYB Excel G Superstrut dampers
A set of TRD springs as currently fitted to the car
A set of TRD top mounts
Whiteline rear adjustable anti roll bar
Replacement lower arms at the front
Replacement figure 8's

All the above are used but are in great condition and are an upgrade over the parts currently fitted to the car.

Also being fitted are:

CV boot kit for drivers front shaft
New crush tubes
New drop links for the anti roll bar

With the above fitted the cars handling should be absolutely spot on and anyone who knows about these cars will have a fair idea of how expensive all the above are to buy and have fitted due to the complex suspension setup on the GT4.

I plan on photographing the bad bits on the car which are cosmetic issue's only (small dents, holes in a pillar plastic from gauge pod etc) so there's no confusion and no messing anyone around. I'm not one to waste anyone's time when describing a car as i'd be pissed off if I went to look at a car and it wasn't exactly as described. These pics and info will be up tomorrow evening.

So here's some pics:

I paid £4000 for the car and have since spent quite a lot of money sorting the suspension out.

The car won't be sold for a penny less than £4000 which is a bargain considering it doesn't need a penny spending on the suspension / mechanics (which most do!)

As I said at the start, i'm more than willing to do a PX / Swap with cash either way and would be interested in any of the following:

Evo 5 6 or 7
Integra Type R
or anything else interesting :D

I'm in no hurry to sell and have no issue with travelling for the right deal

I can be contacted via PM, Email: [email protected] or by phone on 07879428288 but please try and call at sociable hours.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for looking

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Some more info for everyone :D

The car was first registered in the UK on the 01/07/2005 and has three former owners. The current mileage is 91500.

On the 17/04/2007 the car was taken to Cambridge Toyota to have a new clutch fitted at a cost of £992.29p. The mileage at the time was 73k and the clutch feels as strong as an oxe!

I have all MOT's from import till present and a stack of reciepts which include the one for the clutch. Other reciepts include many from Fensport for most of the mods.

I've taken lots more pictures this evening and will upload them in an hour or so.

Thanks for looking

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It was great to meet you Marc and i'm really glad Andreas is pleased with the car.

Unfortunatly I didn't end up buying the S2000 I went to buy yesterday. It turned out to be an absolute dog :(

Oh well, time to find something else to spend my money on :thumbsup:
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