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1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo. RHD. A former NA SZ car, now twin turbo.
£26500. Worldwide shipping.

2JZ-GTE VVTi engine is from 2001 Toyota Aristo JZS161 (61000 kms (37903 miles) on the clock). The engine looks and works as new. HKS front mount intercooler and thick aluminium radiator. R154 manual transmission (5 speed holding 500hp) from 2000 Toyota Chaser Tourer V (the same tranny as on MKIII Supra Turbo?). The car has genuine Work Emotion 18" rims, retrimmed leather panels (including roof), Bridgestone PNG coilovers. UCF30 monoblock front and rear calipers with stock Turbo rotors (the same calipers that were offered by TRD as an upgrade to Turbo stock calipers). HKS SSQV blow-off valve. The color is chocolate.


1. There indeed was an accident with left (passenger) side. The door and rear fender have signs of repaint work. I don't think there was something significant as door closes fine, no signs of big hits underneath the car and geometry is fine. Car rides streight fine. But anyway something better to know.

2. Left (passenger) headlight has signs of repair. This adds up to the first point. But nothing in the engine bay speaks about any accident. Everyting else looks OEM and untoched. Maybe a small issue.

3. The coilovers are too stiff and ideal only for perfect roads surfaces. Sochi has ideal roads and it's ok but something to consider if your roads are not that good.

4. Braking icon on front panel blinks sometimes during acceleration. The fluid level is ok. Sensor issue?

5. There are small marks on retrimmed door panels on top. Nothing serious but anyway.

6. Exhaust resonator has marks of hitting from road bumps.

7. Body mileage is unknown as there was an aftermarket speedometer. I changed it to the stock one.

8. Mechanical clocks on the front panel do not work. Shows the same time all the time.

9. Tyres are noisy (Westlakes).

10. The battery is dead after long staying. I will buy a new one.


1. The engine is a beauty. Everything speaks about it's low mileage. Works flawlessly. Incredible acceleration for stock turbochargers. No oil eating or smoke. No oil leakage.

2. R154 gearbox works great. All gears are going fine, no synchos wear. Clutch works great too.

3. Paint work is good. Not ideal to my taste but good.

4. Brakes are better than OEM to my taste.

5. Custom aftermarket exhaust with V-band connections. Not loud.

6. Suspension is fine. No need to replace anything.

7. The car is not rusty at all considering the age. I will add underneath pictures.

I did not do the swap (it was done professionally by the previous owner) and did nothing to the car.

Trust/Deal safety (considering the country where the car is).

I am a co-owner of worldwide famous Supertec Racing tuner (British-Russian). We specilize mostly in oil pump splined drive design for Skylines community (even Wikipedia knows us). We are also partners with Do-Luck Racing, Japanese superfamous drifting series company. Their 1200hp A90 Supra with 3UZ engine (with our oil pump splined drive kits) is known around the World. We also do splined kits for 2JZ pumps too.
You can contact our Facebook or phone numbers in United Kingdom to speak or check any info. So the sale is safe.
Also I sold my Skyline on this forum successfully and there is a picture of it from the new owner with new license plates.


The car is in Sochi, Russia. Can be shipped from Saint Petersburg by RoRo (Roll on/Roll off) ship or a 20 feet container. The RoRo shipment to Southampton is around $800. If you want exact amount to ship to the certain port, let me know and I will ask for calculations.

You can ask questions, I can make more pics or videos.












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