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Hi Guys,
Unfortunately, it’s time to sell my stunning White R33 GTR Vspec, It really pains me to do this as I spent so long searching for the perfect car in Japan, however, I’m going travelling for a year in August, and I can’t afford to garage the GTR for that long.

A little history;
I found the car on GTNET Japan in July 2012 after 3 months of searching. Once I had confirmed that was the car for me, I asked [email protected] JM-Imports to import it and the car arrived on UK soil in late October 2012.

The Car is a White, 1995 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR V-spec, the vehicle when imported had an approved 69,096km (42,934miles) with history to back this up. The Vehicle was imported with the following modifications fitted.

• Volk TE37’s 18 x 9.5 ET12
• ARC Intercooler & Hardpipe kit
• Mines ECU
• Tinted windows (50%+) at rear quarters & back

Import Pics can be seen here:- 1995 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR V-Spec - JM-Imports

Upon import, the car was fully under sealed by JM-Imports and a Cobra CAT 1 alarm was fitted.

The Vehicle now has 73,697 on the odometer which equates to 47,535miles

I have carried out the following modifications over the past year

• Kakimoto N1 Cat Back – Imported from Nengun
• Decat
• HKS Downpipes
• Apexi Air filters
• HKS Boost gauge
• AEM Wideband AFR Gauge
• Greddy Profec B spec 2 – Set up to 0.95bar
• HSD Coilovers (1500miles on them)
• Nismo Twin Plate Clutch with brand new plates & Lightened flywheel (2000miles)
• Driftworks Braided clutch line
• Bride Zeta Bucket seat with Sabelt Harness
• 265/35/18 Federal RSR’s all round (2000miles)
• Clear Side & Front Indicators
• New Water pump, HKS Cambelt & Idlers fitted by MGT Racing Apr 2013.

The Vehicle has been serviced 4 times in my ownership only ever using Gulf 15w-50 & K&N oil filters, Most Recently 3 weeks ago to which it’s done 200miles since.

The engine in the car in incredible, it pulls clean throughout the rev range, sounds epic on full boost singing through the kakimoto. Oil pressure is healthy at 6bar oil pressure cold, and 2.5bar when warm.

The gearbox has been lovingly filled with Redlines Heavy shockproof gear oil, & rear diff filled with Titan Race Syn 5

All 4 Front CV boots have been replaced for peace of mind in October 13’
The car dyno’d back in Feb 2013 with just the exhaust, ecu, intercooler and stock boost and made a healthy 290bhp ATW, around 370bhp @ fly, since then further modifications have been carried out and I would say the car is around 400bhp.

In July 2013, I took the car to Shakespeare county raceway and the car ran a very healthy [email protected] 1/4mile with a 1.7 60’ft time.

The car has had a lot of attention and many good comments from owners, I remember Mark @ MGT commenting saying it’s up there with the cleanest R33 he’s ever seen.

The Car is a true weapon that has a lot of potential and I will be truly gutted to see it leave, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry than cars at this stage of my life.

Bad points on the car as with any;
• Brakes discs are lightly warped, there is juddering at high speed braking.
• Bride Seat even though it’s perfect, isn’t fitted for anyone above a 36” waist. (I’m a 34” waist and fit nice n snug)
• Tracking on the car, when it was last setup, the operator didn’t put the steering wheel completely straight, so it sits slightly to the right.
• I scraped the front splitter 2 weeks ago and took a tiny bit of paint off.
• Tax Runs out in March (M.O.T is not due until October)

I have spent a good £6k on the car in the past year, and Paid £13.5k for it in October 2012.

On the basis that this is truly one of the cleanest R33’s out there, and with a couple of hundred quid (Brakes & Tracking) it will be perfect , I am putting the Vehicle up for sale for £11,000 O.V.N.O! Included with the sale is also a Pioneer MP3/AUX headunit which I bought and never fitted, and also a HKS Oil pressure gauge.

Viewings are welcome at the weekends, I will gladly take a potential buyer out in the vehicle, but I will not allow the vehicle to be driven without proof of insurance and a healthy deposit.



Pics below...


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Great looking car, it would cost next to nothing though to sort the tracking!
Warped discs are different but for 11k they should really be fixed as well. Very clean looking engine bay

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Wow very clean car. Someone will be getting a nice example. Also very good 1/4 time for the power :)
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