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Hi All

I'm thinking of selling my GT-R Vspec and though I would post on here to see what sort of response I would get.

It's late 1996 (twin airbags) and is Metallic Red.

It was imported as brand new by the builder Sir Robert McAlpine as a company car for his son, so it has seen a lot of motorway use, hence the mileage 73Kmiles (clock still in kph)

Before it was driven Janspeed were given the car and it had the turbo bearings converted to stainless steel, a full cat bypass stainless steel exhaust system fitted (the first one Janspeed did for the R33), the suspension uprated, and the ECU remapped to 1 bar.

I have service history up till about mid 1999 which is when the guy I bought it off got it. Aparently Bill Greer at Greer sports handled the car between then and when I bought it (although I've never verified this) in mid-2000. Since then Alan at AVA (of the ill-fated Scottish dyno day) has handled and serviced it for me.

The paintwork and interior are spotless and and it was dyno'd a couple of weeks back at around 380BHP on his 4WD rolling road setup.

I'm getting married next year and need to pay for it :mad: so it may need to go.

I'm looking for £16,995 ono. I'm not sure whether that is realistic, but given the mods and the fact that the milage (although highish) hasn't been altered by somebody trying to make a buck on it at import, it seems reasonable.



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