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This is the new thread of my car. I've decided to sell definitely.
The old thread was with the old configuration.
Now the car has a new engine, new fuel system, new ecu and more power.

Link to the old thread:

Link to autoscout for some pics:

Link to project thread (from the restoration to the last stage):

There are some videos on Youtube (dyno mapping on 1.9bar and 744hp and 818nm torque): and

Double map switch:
- 1.2bar boost and 95ron fuel (around 600hp and 680nm torque)
- 2.2bar boost and 120ron fuel (around 850hp and near to 1000nm torque)

Price: XXX

I'm open to nearest offers or trade with other cars like BNR34 or R35 GTR.


N1 (24U) Engine (overhauled 2.7L)
HKS forged piston kit
HKS Con rods
N1 Water pump
N1 oil pump
Nismo bearings
Nismo thermostat
Tomei oil pan baffle
Trust/Grex 272° IN/EX camshafts
Cylinder Head ported, oversized valve, valvespring kit
HKS T51R Kai single turbo
HKS manifold
HKS 60mm external wastegate with screamer pipe
HKS downpipe
HKS 200mm mushroom filter
HKS Headgasket
HKS Timing Belt
Tomei Exhaust metal gasket
Tomei Intake plenum gasket
Tomei ITB\\\'s gasket
Border Burnout racing 90mm Exhaust
Spitfire Direct Ignition
Greddy Intake Plenum

Injector Dynamics ID1000cc
Sard fuel pressure Regulator
Border Twin Feed fuel rail
Bosch in tank Fuel pump
3Lt Fuel swirl pot
2x Bosch 044 external
2x Sytec 8micron fuel filters
AN8 Fuel lines (Feed and Return)

Koyo Radiator
Trust/Greddy 3 layer intercooler
Trust/Greddy Oil cooler
Trust/Greddy oil filter relocation kit
SARD coolant expansion tank

Ecu and Controllers
- Link G4+ Ecu with Expansion Loom:
- Map Switch
- Launch Control
- Flat foot Shift
USB dashpanel for Dataloggin and Map tune
Map 4Bar
IAT Sensor
ETS Controller
TEIN EDFC (in car damper controller)
Battery Cutoff switch
Start button
Drive train
OS Giken R3C triple plate clutch
OS Giken flywheel
OEM 5Speed Gearbox

JR3 18x10.5 ET15 wheels (TE37SL Replica)
Falken FK453 275/35 R18 Tyres
Tein Monoflex coilovers
Endless Brake Rotors
JIC Carbon front strut brace
Hicas Total remove kit

Nismo Omori 2 in 1 gauge:
- Oil Pressure , Oil Temp
- EGT , Water Temp
- Boost , Volt
HKS fuel pressure gauge
AEM UEGO Wideband
Recaro Pole Position Jersey Red Bucket seats
Takata 4point Seatbelts
Personal Nardi 350mm Steering Wheel
NRG steering wheel Quick release
Titanium shift knob

OEM Front bumper
OEM 3rd Series front lip
OEM 3rd Series Xenon Headlights
OEM Bonnet
OEM Sideskirts
OEM NISMO 400R carbon double wing
OEM Vspec Rear spats
Carbon exhaust heat shield
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