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For Sale:

1996 R33 GTR V-Spec
Metallic Grey
69K miles
Middlehurst History up to last oil service at 66K miles
4 new tyres
12 months MOT and 6 months tax
Stainless steel exhaust
Good condition

Make me an offer in the region of £14000

It's a bit of a bummer this really. I'm looking at moving house, and thought that I could get away with keeping the car. I'm only the second owner. A mate of mine imported it with 1800 miles on the clock in November 1997. It's totally standard, and has had new plugs in the last week. It was also featured in Evo magazine recently. The tyres are new, and the pads are as new. :D

The bodywork requires a bit of tlc. The front bumper could do with a respray if you're fussy, and there is a parking ding on the passenger side. However , it's a 5 yr. old car, so if I tarted it up I suspect people would ask questions! LOL ;)

Would make someone a cracking first GTR, or the beginnings of a project.

You can reach me via e-mail if your interested. [email protected]


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It's a great car!!

The only reason why i didn't buy this car is because I got into a good deal with a car i was selling :(

This car not only looks great but is ready to be played with :)

It's well worth £14k all day!

I will speak to my mate that buys them matt.

again great car.

666 SKY

Going.... going.... *Gone*

Bought and picked up last night ....

So a new owner to the BB :D

Expect loads of questions !
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