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Thrust said:
Hi, Bean;) Yes, after a year of drama the car is finally roadworthy and I am heading to a friend's wedding in Scotland this weekend. Well, if the car escapes Croydon in one piece tonight...:smokin:

New uprated single-turbo internals (28-37R), new Abbey-made GTR downpipe with removable cat, newly-ground manifold-to-turbo pipe, have all increased gas flow smoothness amazingly. Remapped with the Gold F-Con V Pro for UK fuel and 354 BHP at the hubs, 410 BHP at the engine, and the acceleration is as smooth and wonderful as you like. They have fitted the latest evolution of Exedy's non-slip-when-cold twin-plate carbon clutch, sent out specially from Japan in August. They have realigned the front wheels, given me new tyre valves because the aluminium dustcaps had fused chemically (and embarrassingly) to the old ones. And the Cherry on the Cake is the handmade carbon base-plates for the top of the boot/trunk which they've created to hold the carbon wing in place and stop it hairline cracking the boot/trunklid any further. These base plates are outlined with a ring of heavy black round headed studs and they. look. GREAT!

Just don't ask what the bill was... :puke: :D :cool: ;) :lamer:
pics please, sounds beautiful!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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