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Well, the dreaded redundancy notice came through yesterday so
this car has got to go.
Bear in mind the turbos as as good as new (~1500km of usage)

HKS forged pistons
Trust forged conrods
Balanced crankshaft
1.2 metal h/gasket
1mm oversize valves
264 and 272 camshafts
Jun reinforced valve spring
Trust stainless exhaust manifold
TD-06SH 20G twin turbos
Trust racing w/g
Boost 1.4 to 19.95 max
Sard 720 injectors
Trust oil cooler 28 steps
Trust 3 layer i/c
Z32 afm's
Bosch 044 fuel pump, added fuel line
Rev limit 9200rpm
AS Mori original stainless exhaust exhaust with silencer
AS Mori original front pipe
Tomei A/F meter
Defi ex. temp. gauge, boost, oil pressure, oil temp., water temp. gauges
Trust fuel pressure meter
R33 Brembos and master cylinder
Ogura twin plate clutch
7 point roll cage
Nismo full link kit
Nismo LSD TT type
Ohlins PCV adjustable suspension
Blitz 17" alloys
Engine Torque Damper
Uprated power steering oil cooler
New front discs and pads
New rear pads

I will be at the skyline shootout on the 24th.

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you have pm again. am pretty interested in the car, i would like to have a chat about it this weekend.

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