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yeh its a nice car. its one of my fav vids.

I am trying to get an email address for them.... does anybody know of one?
They are a little WEB-phobic and not seem to have an email.

Here the number and fax:
TEL 0930-24-2666  FAX 0930-24-4461

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Thanks guys. i all post a few more of mine up

Here is the Spec List...

HKS 2.7ltr Stroker kit
HKS Single Turbo Conversion
HKS External Wastegate
HKS Manifold
HKS Hard Pipe Kit
HKS Front Mount Triple Layer Intercooler
HKS Front Mount Oil Cooler
HKS Clutch Twin Plate (GD Pro)
HKS Oil Filter Relocation kit
HKS Air Filters
HKS F Con in car Equaliser (mounted in glove box)
HKS EVC4 Boost Controller (mounted in glove box)
HKS Fuel Pressure Regulator
Earls Braided fuel and oil lines
TOMEI Pulleys
HKS Screamer Pipe
1000CC Injectors x6
Apexi Multi Checker
Trust Exhaust system (Drag Spec)
Trust De-Cat
OS Giken Gearbox internals 1st,2nd,3rd
Twin Bosch Fuel pumps
Tomei Fuel Rail
Tein Coilovers
Greddy Gauges, Oil Temp, Oil Press, EGT, Boost (2 mounted in glove box)
Buddy Club Carbon Bonnet
Carbon Rear Spolier
Trust Side Skirts
Trust Rear Spats
WedSport Wheels
Running Approx 600bhp @ 1.3 bar (Boost controller Switched OFF)

Both Al and myself had a small play on a timmed 1/8 of a mile run yesterday

Al Was launching perfectly and got a 7.88 sec

I made a 7.63 @ 108.2mph but with not so perfect launching.
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