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Hi there.

Im reluctantly have to sell my belovid r34 as Im moving house. The car is compleatly standard, other than having a de-cat pipe, stainless steel back box and nismo ajustible damperners. I am also half way through puting the gtr body kit on. The frount is finished (All gieniun nissan parts used). I have the gtr side skirts and they will go with the car, all thats needed to finish this almost compleated project would be the replacing the rear bumper and fitting the rear quater panels. Ive been told you can buy these parts for around £600 for the quter's and £400 for the bumper. This car look's fantasitc at the monent but when finished will look like a £50 000 GTR, but with the benifits of being efordable. Any questions please call me on 07817 838595,

Price £14,000 ONO

(Please excuse my poor spelling, I also dont now how to add pictures, If any body wants I can send you the buy e-mail, contact me at [email protected])
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