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2001 Lexus GS300 SE Model,

The car is perfect, over the last few months I have spent hundreds getting perfect, having fitted a number of new parts, some where OEM, other’s uprated.
I have driven the car to Paris twice now,having done 1754 miles out of the 10500 miles that I have covered in the vehicle since purchase. It drove like a dream, I only drove to Paris weekend 25th September, since then i’ve had to at my local mechanic where I have replaced 2 of the control arm bushes which I suspected where worn.
Parts that I have fitted to the car include:

New Battery (with warranty)
Spark plugs,oil filter + engine oil done at 88143 miles
Cambelt changed at 69209 miles (January 2007)


Junction Produce Headrest cushions in black
Dynamat Xtreme on all 4 doors + bootlid
Floor Mats
Single Din Fascia
Nokia Bluetooth hands free kit
Smart Nav installation
Black Leather, conditioned 2 months ago
No rips in leather anywhere
Rainbow gear know is not included in sale,shall come with OEM item

I.C.E (optional,have all OEM parts still)

Alpine Ida X001 Headunit
Alpine Type-R 6.5” components front & back (only parts that will come with the car for sure)
Alpine Type-R 12” Subwoofer in custom box
Dynamat Xtreme on doors + bootlid as mentioned
Boss Equalizer in glovebox (mounted where OEM CD changer was)
Shark Amp (powering speakers currently)
Amp (powering subwoofer currently)
Farad Power Cap

Still have OEM radio unit, amp & sub


HID 6000k Lights
Ice white side lights
Ice white rear number plate lights
Rear parking sensors
Front bumper,front left wing & rear bumper re-sprayed 5 months ago


Ball joints replaced 6500 miles ago
Front brake discs + pads replaced at 88143 miles
Daizen Steering Rack bushes
Daizen Control Arm Bushes (only one on each side fitted,as car has had upper control arms replaced with Lexus item’s recently,still got sticker on one!), have the remaining bushes to fit when required
HSD Coilovers – Fully adjustable with 16 different comfort settings, and height adjustable
Front RCA’s to correct camber, stop inner tyre wear
Wheel alignment done (requires another since adjustments,plan to get it done within the week anyway)

Includes all other usual Lexus GS300 refinements, such as heated front seats,electric seats + memory seat on driver’s side, dual climate control, air conditioning,semi-automatic gearbox with buttons on both sides of steering wheel,electric windows, electric side mirrors, alarm, head light washers etc etc

Car is super smooth,and really quiet, since the dynamat has been installed there is hardly any interior noise when driving.
Just yesterday I have cleaned the inside of the car, and washed the outside, with a coat of Meguiars High Gloss Liquid Wax, followed by Meguiars Ultimate Quick Detailer, with the tyre’s receiving Meguiars Endurance Tyre Shine. All glass was given Meguiars Glass Cleaner inside and out, with the headlights & back lights also receiving application.

Reflection shots of wing and window:

Bad Point – All listed so buyer is aware of all problems/issue’s that I am aware of at time of posting

General dings around bodywork, only 2 i’m aware,both smaller than 20p coin.
Paint runs from re-spray + slight crack on filler where bond was made with bumper/wing
A few scratches around car
Rear seat’s have slight small stain from where milk was split
SRS Light on, indicating problem with seat belt but it works fine, a plastic clip has come loose I believe it’s that, that is causing the light.
Knocking from rear left, this could be my power cap moving around when I turn, haven’t checked yet, does not affect handling.
Rear right parking sensor absent.
Small hole on rubber tube on bottom of door sill where it has rubbed away.
All alloys except one have kurb marks and some paint pealing,common fault on Lexus alloys.
One facelift headlight,one pre-facelift headlight,assume was replaced under warrenty,facelift has slight green tint to it.

Lexus carried out safety reports carried out on mileage listed below, with several parts changed as required.
69209 miles
62145 miles
60509 miles
52987 miles
44227 miles
Other invoices from October 2003 until February 2008 for replacement parts + valet + extended warranty (mileage running from 33k to 80k)

I have a spare set of coilpacks with the car, and the old suspension.

MOT runs out 18th June 2010, Tax runs out end of August 2010 (shall confirm later)
We are owner number 5, with the car first registered on 09/02/01

Price - Car is currently having number plate transferred
£4850 ono with ICE + Coilovers
£4500 ono with coilovers
£4100 ono standard

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I remember seeing your car when we went to the Midlands meet. Must admit i was really impressed with the condition of it. You struck me as a genuine guy who really takes care of his motors.

Good luck with the sale, i'm sure you will have no bother.

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should have said,this car is just before the tax band change,so this is still in the old engine CC band of tax!!
think it was £215 for the year,can't remember

someone buy it so i can get back into an R33 GTR :D,part exchange offers welcome by the way

Wayne - thanks,it really has had some money spent on it,i always get my car's near perfect in my eyes,and then sell them off,i need to stop doing that,lol

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the car also has had the air filter changed 2 months ago,and has 5mm spacers all around.

Anyone with a Stagea/Skyline or EK Civic i'll be interested in part exchange,anything else,no harm in asking ;)
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