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Here’s my game plane for 2002 for my R33 GTR,

New breaks I’d like to know of people’s experiences with AP racing 6 pots and the Tar-Ox 6 pot systems (Japan Sport or G88) or even any others in the 1,500 to 2,000 pound price range.

Next up a free flow 3-inch diameter catalytic converter with platinum tip oxygen sensors.

With the frequent failure of the standard sensors has anyone tried platinum tipped oxygen sensors :confused:

I’ve had handling problems since the beginning of this year having tried about everything else :( I’m going to replace the shocks. Has anyone tried the Bilstein sport shocks built for the R33 :confused:

When I can get the car to England I’ll have Steel turbo internals, high lift cams, steel head gasket, installed and exhaust bandage on the exhaust manifold to reduce some of the engine bay heat. :cool:

Finally if I’ve any money left a paint job and a nice set of wheels. :smokin:

I’m going to the Essen tuning motor show on December 2, anyone else going?

Any comments welcome Paul.
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