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My two pence worth!

Well as far as brakes go I put AP 6 pots on my stock 33 wheels with 343mm grooved disc, the calipers are slightly machined to get the extra big disc on otherwise 330mm would be the max you can fit. I have had Ferodo DS2500 pads put on the front and DS2000 pads put on the stock Brembo rears. The car has massive stopping power now. Two Saturdays back at Donnington park I had no over heating or fade. They get my vote.

Wheels.. last w/e I had Nismo GT3 wheels fitted 18x10's they look sooooo good with the Goodyear F1's on. I have lowered springs and the car looks great and drives very smooth indeed.

I had all my bits done at abbey and I'm very pleased with their work.

HKS Dual dragger going on Saturday morning befiore the Grasshopper meet and that will do me on the mods until spring 2002, then i'll be looking for some more BHP!!!..(wife permitting!)

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