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After 12 years of owning this GTR and a further 10 years owning a 300ZX, R33 GTR and R34 GTR (I wish I had kept that!) at the age of 56 I think it is time to try something else. I have been on the site since before I bought the car and although I don’t post a lot have bought off several traders on here and have appreciated a lot of advice given over the years so hopefully my car will appeal to somebody in the community.
  • I have owned the car from brand new and it has effectively been in my business so I have never skimped on anything when it comes to looking after it.
  • Purchased from Middlehursts (6 miles away from me) in April 2009 and was a premium non sat nav model in ultimate silver.
  • The car is garaged and in the last three years in particular has been used much less as it became a second car.
  • It was purchased from Middlehurst, serviced by them, then by AC Speedtech for a few years and back to Middlehursts for the last 3.
  • All exterior Carbon Fibre is from R35 Audio – not quite Mines standard, but far better than the Knight Rider rubbish I got first that faded after a few years and had to replace.
  • All interior and under bonnet carbon fibre dipped components by R35 Audio
  • Hi Fi, sound deadening and Sat Nav retrofit done by R35 Audio.
  • I won’t bother listing the history here, but I have every single invoice, MOT, service book, original manuals, sales literature and both keys.
  • Always run on Vpower or equivalent fuel.
  • Never launched (or crashed)
  • Tracked twice – both at a day organised by Middlehursts so full pre and post track checks done by them and embarrassingly I never reached anywhere near the transmission temperatures that can cause problems!
  • Last serviced & MOT’d in February.
  • 58,500 miles – all MOT’s and service history verifies this.
Warranty work / recalls done
  • Bell Housing – original repair replaced with upgraded Middlehurst’s solution.
  • Steering lock
  • Rear steering rack replaced due to rust. Related suspension components were also replaced, the rest of the underside was very clean, but was undersealed anyway. Done 2 years ago, approximate value of work £5k. Check this out carefully if you buy another car!
Mechanical Modifications
  • Nismo ECU (possibly overtaken by later EcuTek).
  • Gear box and clutch upgrade done by AC Speedtech in 2015 – cost £3,500.
  • Russ Fellows full exhaust system
  • Eibach anti roll bars
  • Bigger Injectors & Air Filters
  • EcuTek ECU with maps adjustable on steering wheel. Car remapped by AC Speedtech. Total cost of 3 – 6 £4k done in 2015.
  • Various upgrades to gearbox software – invoices will show exact details
  • C Tek Battery Charger
  • Advan GT Alloy wheels – on Bridgestone runflats. Would cost over £4k new now.
  • Original tracker properly removed
Cosmetic Modifications
  • Fully reupholstered seats (front and back), black leather and Alcantara with GTR logos and retrimmed door panels – still looks like brand new.
  • Flat bottomed retrimmed steering wheel
  • Parking sensors all round.
  • Rear Camera
  • Front Camera – unfortunately doesn’t work as when I got the Sat nav fitted it turns out that a different connector was needed. I never got round to getting this sorted, but assume it wouldn’t be too big a job to do.
  • Completely upgraded Hi Fi, replacing all Bose speakers, including extra Amps and subwoofer in boot. £1,800 cost, fantastic sound.
  • Full sound proofing under rear seats and in the doors.
  • DAB radio
  • Retro fitted Sat Nav which included new hard drive and MFD screen.
  • Carbon Fibre paddles
  • Loads of interior carbon dipped including speaker surround on rear seats
  • NISMO style speedo cluster – clocks properly reset.
  • Upgraded gear knob
  • Under bonnet carbon fibre dipped
  • Bonnet lifters
  • Lightning bolt headlights
  • LED bulbs all round and on interior
  • LED side light / indicators
  • Rear 4 light kit
  • Carbon Fibre bonnet, side shirts, front splitter, rear valance, rear spoiler, side vents and emblem holders
  • GTR Mats
Old Bits to be Included
  • Original bonnet
  • Original exhaust with Miltek Y - pipe
  • Original headlights (no fogging)
  • Original wheels painted gloss black with all season Bridgestone runflats (used as winter wheels), with newly fitted TPMS system
  • Original Bose speakers

The car is genuinely in fantastic condition for its age, if I had the space and money I would keep it, but equally it is a shame that I don’t really use it. There are a few minor issues that I will detail below, but bear in mind this is a 12 year old car.
  • A few stone chips and marks on both sets of wheels, nothing major and not from hitting a kerb.
  • A few minor scuffs on the underside of the front splitter – the drive way is on an slope and if I come on at the wrong angle it can catch slightly
  • The car has been wrapped for over half its life (done twice by reputable wrappers at total cost of ever £5k). When the wrap was taken off it did remove some laquer and exposed a few marks and chips. I have had as much of this corrected as possible, which was not easy with the ultimate silver paint. The condition is now excellent for its age.
  • The tyres on both sets of wheels have a good few mm (approx. 5mm) tread on all, but are not new.
  • Break pads and disks will probably need replacing in a few thousand miles. I contemplated changing them, but they are the original disks and only the second set of pads – I thought leaving them on may demonstrate how easy it has been driven!
  • One of the parking sensors has started to play up occasionally.
  • Last MOT advised of a very slight damp area around OFS diff seal and advised to monitor.
I am sure that there is a lot I have forgotten and I have attached some pictures. I have included one with the red wrap on to show the Advan GT wheels as they are not on the car at present. I will post the pictures separately as this description is rather long and I will probably balls it up if I try and post pictures at the same time.
I am not really sure on the price, but I estimate that if you look at the old bits I am including that are listed above if I was to put them back on I could easily sell the replacement bits and private plate for over £5k if I could be bothered.
I am going to ask for £36k and if I get what I want without much messing I will also include the plate V16 GTR which I have had valued at £1,250.
If I am not successful, I will remove the bonnet, headlights, exhaust, Advan wheels (& Tyres & TPMS) and private plate, sell these separately and ask for £31,500 (will still have loads of extras over standard) or part ex it in this state.

Without sounding rude I am very busy and haven’t got the time to answer daft questions and give test drives to day dreamers. I will try my best to answer all questions and will give viewings at my place of work (I am an accountant and own my own premises with plenty of parking) and am not interested in part exchange, cash offers or payment in Bitcoin!
Thanks for looking!

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Thanks !
It’s taken me 2 effing weeks from start to finish, just waiting for the dickehead questions
‘why have you only had it serviced every 12 months for the last 3 years?’
Because I only did 40 miles in it last year knobhead.
’But it should be done every 6 month’
F**k off and go and thread crap someone else.
I really am showing my age aren’t I;)


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Hi please can you dm me as a new user it won’t let me to you ?
Hi Dan
apologies for the delay in replying.
i will try and pm you, but not sure if it can be done if you have below a certain number of posts.
maybe somebody else can explain?

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Probably best if Dan posts his email address on here and once you have made a note of it Neil PM me and I will delete it

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Hi Treg
Thanks for replying.
I have started a conversation with him.
Not used the site for a while and it used to be pm’s which i know were restricted to new users.
This new conversation thingy seems to be working though.
I assume its private and is not just in a public section i am too daft to find ;)

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Hi has this car sold now? I’m currently looking for a gtr and this looks like a great example. If it’s available could you drop me a message cheers
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