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2009 R35 GTR Black Edition with 12 month/12,000 mile Warranty from Litchfields on new engine build!

Sad to be selling my beautiful red 2009 Black Edition R35 – but opportunity for a business investment is taking priority at the moment.

She will come with a 12 month warranty on a new engine build – details explained later in description – so complete peace of mind for buyer!

I’ve owned the car since July 2014 – only had 7,800 miles when I purchased her – now sitting on 45,365 miles.

The car has never been launched or tracked and has been garaged by myself from the beginning of November until Easter time each year. It is in immaculate condition, with the exception of a few stone chips on the front bumper.

She has an excellent service history – all Nissan Middlehurst up till my purchase, then a mixture of GTR specialists since then - SVM, Litchfield and Momentum Motorsport (Litchfield agents in N.Ireland).

The motor was totally standard when I purchased her, but has had lots of work done to her and huge amounts of money spent, over the past 7 years as follows:

November 2014 - SVW 650R (Stage 4.25) conversion – mileage 14,270
  • 1050 ASNU injectors
  • DE-CAT downpipes
  • SVM maf pipes
  • SVM large cone filters
  • SVM 102 mm un-resonated Stainless Steel Exhaust
  • SVM Stainless Steel Y-Pipe
  • ECUTek SVM custom map
  • ECUTek gearbox software
  • SVM circlip upgrade
  • SVM gearbox magnet upgrade
  • Engine, Diff and Gearbox Oil service

December 2018 – Litchfield 3.8 Engine Build – mileage 35,976

This forged build is capable of running 1000 bhp with the correct turbos, but in this build is limited to 800 bhp with the Litchfield Stage 4.5 turbo upgrade.

Power has been capped at 750 bhp, and torque at 620 lb ft to protect gearbox and transmission.

Litchfield 3.8 Engine Specification:
  • Deck plate honed bores ensuring perfect piston to bore clearance
  • Line honed block and cradle to provide ideal clearance on crank bearings
  • Litchfield GT-R Custom Forged Capricorn Piston set with new Piston Rings
  • Upgraded Capricorn gudgeon pins
  • Litchfield GT-R Custom Forged Connecting Rods by Callie Performance
  • Upgraded connecting rod bolts from ARP
  • New Nissan main stud bolt kit
  • Balanced Engine internals and Crank
  • Dodson upgraded engine seal plates
  • Valve seats are recut and valves lapped for a perfect fit
  • New Nissan cylinder head Valve Stem seals
  • Cylinder head buckets re-shimmed to Litchfield tolerances
  • Modified and tested oil pump
  • Modified oil pick up pipe
  • Modified engine sump
  • Modified chain guide tensioner
  • Litchfield chain guide plate
  • New NGK Spark plugs
  • New Nissan steel head gasket
  • New Nissan crank shaft bearings each individually graded to their journals
  • New Nissan connecting rod bearings each individually graded to their journals
  • New Nissan Engine gaskets and seals
  • Modified and upgraded engine oil filter
  • Litchfield Engine cleanse with sodium blasted cylinder heads and valves
  • Hot washed, chemically and ultra-sonic cleaned engine components
  • Joe Gibbs running in oil with New Nissan oil filter
  • Running engine in on our 4wd Maha dyno
  • Engine inspections and oil change to Castrol 10w60 Supercar Fully Synthetic oil
  • Litchfield Large capacity oil filter
In addition to the standard 3.8 Engine build specification, the following were added:
  • LM Stage 4.5 Turbos
  • Litchfield Super Stock Intercooler
  • Litchfield Header Tank with catch can
  • Engine cover and rocker covers powder coated

Invoice total : £25, 968.70
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September 2021 – Litchfield Engine Re-build due to defect in Engine Block – little crack causing water leak
  • New Nissan Engine Block
  • New bearings, piston rings, gaskets and fixings
  • Cylinder bore hone to suit larger pistons
  • Line hone of crankshaft journals

The rebuild comes with a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty – can’t be too many 2nd hand vehicles with this build offering that !

In addition to all the engine work carried out, the vehicle also has the following internal/external modifications
  • Unmarked 20” Velgen VMB5 alloys in Satin Black
  • Alcon J-hook front discs
  • Turbo Smart Block off valves
  • R35 Audio Flow bottomed Steering Wheel
  • R35 Carbon fibre trimmed Gear Selector
And she's had the usual Litchfield upgraded bell housing fitted, and a replacement ABS pump approx. 5k miles ago.

The rebuilt engine is being installed this week – so car will be available for viewing from sometime next week – more photos will be posted then when I have her back home.

It breaks my heart to be selling her after all the money spent and especially with the fresh warranty – but needs must. The motor has been maintained to an extremely high standard - that should be evident from viewing.

Priced at £47,500 – interested in what forum members feel would be the right price for a motor like this.

Happy to provide evidence of all the work completed to genuinely interested parties - and Iain Litchfield is more than happy to share his thoughts on the vehicle - he knows it well.


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Gutted to hear your selling Ivan after all the work you have put in!

I have seen this car in the flesh many many times & been out in it. This R35 really is in fantastic order & Ivan is the perfect owner you would want to purchase a car from!

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Hi there, have you checked that the Litchfield warranty is transferable ? Last year they told me it wasn't. Ian

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Hi Ian - you've got me wondering now - Iain is aware I'm selling the motor and hadn;t pointed anything out about the warranty - but Im off to check now !
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