2011 Nissan GT-R Premium Edition

Modifications :

LM Stage 4.5 Remap 730bhp 626Lbs.ft
LM Version 8.1 Software
LM Stage 4.5 Turbos
LM Super stock Intercooler
LM 1100cc Injectors
LM large Bore Performance Intakes with larger MAF
LM Fuel Breather Kit
LM Billet Gearbox Sump
LM Gearbox Circlip Upgrade
Milltek Stainless Steel Y-Pipe (76mm)
Milltek Cast Stainless Steel Downpipes
Twin High Flow Fuel Pumps
Full Carbon Tip Akarapovic Exhaust
White line Rear ARB Drop Links
Full Interior White SMD Conversion
Full Carbon Dipped Interior
Carbon Dipped Grill, Side Vents, Door Handles & Bonnet Vents
Carbon Dash Backing
Alcon Super kit 6 Pot Brake Callipers with Alcon Discs and Pagid RS29 Pads
Flatbottom Black Leather / Alcantara Steering Wheel (Royal Steering wheels)

Standard Premium Edition Equipment:
Reversing Camera / Sensors
Air Conditioning
Black Electric Heated Seats
Dual Climate Control
Cruise Control
Heated Electric Folding Mirrors
CD Player / Aux Input / Bluetooth Connectivity
Bose Sound System with Subwoofer
Sat Nav

Stamps in book:
19.01.2012 Litchfield 6,310 Miles
22.08.2012 Litchfield 12,120 Miles
30.05.2013 Litchfield 18,626 Miles
26.09.2014 Litchfield 23,876 Miles
28.03.2015 Litchfield 26,000 Miles
04.11.2015 Litchfield 30,873 Miles
29.04.2016 Litchfield 34,315 Miles
11.11.2016 Litchfield 37,239 Miles
06.04.2018 Litchfield 43,387 Miles

Invoices for services:
Stage 4.5 Upgrade at Litchfield Motors (£9,629 Parts, £1,711.67 Labour) 10/03/2017
New TPMS Sensors & Rear C.V boot at Litchfield Motors (£769.47) 05/10/2018
GTR 54K service (£592.91) 06/04/2018
GTR 96 Month Service + Fuel Breather kit install at Litchfield Motors (£729.72) 22/11/2019
4x New Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tyres Fitted (LTS Tyres) (£904) 06/11/2020
GTR 108 Month Service + Billet Gearbox Sump (£1796.50) 20/11/2020
GTR 120 Month Service, Rebuilt Rear Super kit Callipers and Version 8 Software upgrade at Litchfield Motors (£2,121.22) 12/11/2021
This car has been tuned and maintained by Litchfield Motors (GTR Specialists) since day one.
Car currently running Version 8.1 Litchfield software 730.5bhp / 626.1 lbt.ft with 4 switchable maps for different Octane Fuels – 12/11/2021

Currently Sat on 56,000 Miles - Will rise slowly

In no rush to sell