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Considering parting with my R35. No idea what to replace it with but it would get very limited use over the next few months so perhaps a waste to leave it in the garage.

It's a 11/11 Recaro Edition in metallic black. Was standard until EcuTek'd by Ben at GTC in the last couple of months. Has a full titanium GTC 102mm Drag-R system which includes Y-pipe and carbon fibre tips. Comes with the original system also.

Last week I had new front 390mm AP Racing grooved discs fitted and new DS2500 pads all round. These have done around 40 miles. I wanted to sell the car with nothing needed.

Also recently had all wheels replaced under warranty by Nissan together with the headlight units. Bell housing was checked at the same time and found to be fine.

Here's my Pistonheads ad:

Used 2011 Nissan GT-R PREMIUM EDITION for sale in Cardiff | Pistonheads

It's up at £49,500. Any offers would have to be pretty close.

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