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Nissan GTR Recaro Edition.
2015 (registered August 2015), stunning and immaculate example, very low mileage, only 15,600 miles.
Finished in totally immaculate Pearl white metallic, professionally detailed and always garaged during the 2 years of my ownership, Recaro edition interior, also immaculate, all seats are virtually as new, no bolster wear on drivers side, other seats are rarely ever used, leather is also regularly treated with conditioners. Door sill plates still have original plastic protection on.
Meticulously maintained regardless of cost, with only top quality products and consumables, always run on Shell V-Power, warmed up and cooled down.
Wheels are all unmarked with NO kerbing or blemishes, two keys, all Nissan booklets, floor mats and other accessories.

Service and MOT history:
Full Nissan and Litchfield history, with service book stamped and receipts to demonstrate servicing is as per Nissan schedule.

Service details are as follows:
12 month = 3055 Miles (Nissan)
24 month = 5552 Miles (Nissan)
36 month = 7785 Miles (Nissan)
48 month = 9437 Miles (Nissan)
60 month = 12176 Miles (Litchfields)
72 month = 14177 Miles (Litchfields) August 2021

Current MOT valid until 5th August 2022, at the last service all fluids (engine, gearbox, differentials, coolant, brake) were all changed, Goodridge braided brake lines fitted (as per Nissan recommendation) and K&N drop in filters fitted.
Ferodo DS2500 front pads fitted less than 600 miles ago, New Michelin PS4S fitted less than 1000 miles ago, new Yuasa battery fitted November 2021,
The car is completely standard with the exception of a Milltek Y pipe fitted (part number MSNI104),
This is a genuine immaculate example, which has been lovingly maintained and looked after.

Any inspection is welcome, all test drives will be done by myself, car is based in North Hampshire/Surrey border.
Price drop
– please no silly offers, or PX wanted, and no (more) dreamers, proof of funds before any test drive will be given (by me).

Further information and pictures on request – 07990830759.

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Sorry to revive an old thread but how are you finding the M2C after the R35?
OK - so being totally honest, I don't want to be one of those people who move away from a model to another brand and then bash the previous one. And obviously these are my opinions,
I never 100% gelled with the GTR, I'd always wanted one, (previous cars Impreza x 2, Focus RS mk2 - all modified), my biggest issue was the size ! - I prefer a smaller car, I managed to get a mint example and kept it top condition, build quality I found the GTR pretty good (not Audi/BMW - but way better than Subaru or Ford). My GTR was std except for a Y pipe but for me coming from a 400hp RS is was ballistic fast, grip was incredible !! brakes lacked a little, and the mechanical noises always made me paranoid (but know it was normal), now to the one big thing for me - ownership costs, !! insurance was ok (I'm old), tax is well tax, but servicing !!! especially as I took it each time to the big specialist in the west of the UK !, now I know it used to be a supercar killer but now there are many cars as quick as the GTR, but the GTR/Supercar servicing costs are eye watering.In summary I had 2 years of ownership, it was super reliable, very very fast (compared to my previous cars), I made money it when I sold it so thats not a bad thing :)
Now to the M2C - this is not a standard car by any means ! the base car was spec'd with every option available, including the big brake upgrade, and more carbon than you could shake a stick at !
THEN - it goes to the same specialist mentioned above - for a stage 2, £6.5k exhaust, carbon induction and upgraded charge cooler,
In total about £25k of upgrades ! resulting in 561Bhp and 532Ibft, so some serious power.
The car itself is a lovely place to be, driving position is great, handling (AST suspension coilovers) make handling like a go kart !, power delivery is very different to the GTR, its much more linear, and less show in the back like the GTR, obviously in need to be careful in the wet as its very easy to be sideways, but in the dry OMG ! its lighter than the GTR, and with very similar power - from the lights (as the torque is limited in 1st and 2nd) I think the GTR would win without much issue, but any rolling start from 30mph the M2C would destroy my GTR, all the way to 150, handling is amazing and on a twisty B road again I would easy lose my GTR, the ride is about the same, harsh but not uncomfortable, it is its size which makes it feel nimble and so quick, steering (although electric) has 3 modes and all are great in their respective circumstances - and feel is not at all vague. Seats are not as good as the GTR by a long way, and sound is not as good either, but as a A2B car its a far more enjoyable experience, the gear change is quick although a bit grabby when parking, creature comforts are better than the GTR, aircon works better, and has loads more tech inside.
A small part of me misses the GTR, but the biggest part of me loves the M2C, it really is a drivers car, and with the extra power mine has - it is a weapon.

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