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I have a pair of nearly brand new 235/45/17Z Dunlop Sp Sport 9090 directional tyres for sale. These have very good reports.

Test results Dunlop SP SPORT 9090 -

They measure 8/9mm of tread till have the fine ridge in the middle off so i estimate have only done a few hundred miles so fine with another pair of new/nearly new tyres for 4wd vehicles like GTR's.

These cost over £100 each

Offered on here first at £100 the pair. Carriage £20.

Next we have a single 235/45/17W Falken 329. This has 5mm+ tread so plenty of life for this width of tyre. Again a very good tyre.

This would be an ideal spare or trackday tyre.

Just £35 for this. Carriage £12
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