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about 3 weeks ago my brother removed the standard stereo out of my car and fitted a new one in for me. the stereo worked fine, the only problem was the rear lights on the car did'nt work!!!
we managed to sort the lights out eventually when we realised we had wired the earth into the live:rolleyes:
anyway, ever since that time ive had a nightmare with my 4wd system.
the 4wd and the lsd lights on the dash have been coming on and off, meaning every time they would come on the car would stay in rear wheel drive(the rear wheels span up in 1st second and third).
today 3 weeks later, we have put the old stereo back in and connected everything back up the way it was and the 4wd system is working perfectly fine:confused:
all my mates said to me "dont be a c**t, changing the stereo back aint gonna sort the 4wd system out", but it completely has!!!!!!!!
anyone know why?
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