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Am gutted to be doing this as I love the car to bits and had planned on keeping it until I was gnarled, doddery and had a long flowing white beard (so in about 5 years LOL) but a variety of things (possible house move, wanting to start a family, new project in the wings) mean that selling the GT-R is the sensible thing to do. :runaway:

The car stands me at in excess of £20,000.

1991 R32 GT-R in silver. It's running a low mileage (circa 40k) R33 engine that came from a UK R33 (Matt Jeff's car). As such the mileage is genuine, proveable and it comes with a FSH. Oil pressure is excellent. The spec is as follows:

HKS GT-SS steel turbos
HKS turbo elbows
HKS downpipes
HKS uprated turbo actuators
HKS 264/264 cams
HKS lightweight cam pulleys
HKS 1.2mm metal head gasket
Clear pulley cover
Nismo cambelt
Nismo 550cc injectors
HKS iridium sparkplugs
A'PEXi Power FC with hand commander
A'PEXi Power FC boost controller
A'PEXi Super Power Flow air filters
HKS Hard pipe kit
Uprated intercooler
Nismo twin plate clutch
Invidia wide-bore exhaust (4" centre pipe, decat, 5" backbox)
Nismo quickshift
18" x 9.5" Super Advan Racing alloys in satin black with polished lip
265/35/R18 Falken F451 tyres all round (only recently fitted)
Cat 1 alarm & immobiliser
GPS tracking system
Greenstuff brake pads all round
Nismo gearknob
New gear lever & handbrake gaitors
Eibach springs all round (lowered about an inch)
Ohlins shockers on the rear
Standard shockers on the front (I removed the Ohlins as they were a bit too hard - turns out one was leaking so just need a refurb. These are included in the sale)
Uprated front speakers 5.25" components with external tweeters

The clutch master cylinder has been replaced with new, as well as the clutch servo.
Front lower balljoints have both been replaced with new.
Speedo cable has been replaced with new (THAT was a fun job! Hehehehe...)
Speedo convertor gearbox has been fitted (but can be easily removed).

I'm sure there's more but I can't really remember it at the mo (my brain hurts having just dragged that lot out of it's deep, dark depths!).

The engine, in it's previous home (the UK R33) was upgraded by Middlehurst to 500bhp spec. The R32 has circa 94,000km on it (circa 58,000 miles). I bought the R33 engine and had it fitted about 1,000 miles ago by Ron Kiddell at RK Tuning. He also mapped it.

Bad points -
small *** burn on rear seat (hardly noticeable) done in Japan
small bit of rust peeking through on arches
paint cracked on rear spoiler
paint on bootlid at base of spoiler leg needs tidying (like a numpty I removed the spoiler for cleaning and it took a small bit of paint with it)
needs map tweaking to run up to 1.3bar

The paintwork/arches is no more than £500 to tidy up. I intend to get this done after Xmas.
Car was mapped by RK Tuning - it was over 30 degrees in the RR room but it still showed 491bhp with 450lb/ft of torque at 1.3bar. So safe to say that it's a healthy 500+bhp on the road.
When it was mapped it had a leaking dump valve (didn't know at the time) but now that this is fixed (twin recirculating dump valves now fitted) it needs the map tweaking to cater for the changed air/fuel ratios. Cos of this I'm only running it up to 1 bar (prob circa 420-440bhp) at the mo. Considering a full map is £300 it's fair to say that this shouldn't cost much more than a couple of hundred at the most.

Only other grumbles are the usual minor ones you get on R32s - the rear wiper motor needs re-earthing - haven't got round to it yet. The heating/air control works however is a little stiff/sticky. I've been under the dash and checked all the controls and can manually move them round, changing from hot to cold, windscreen, feet, face vents etc. and can see the motors working fine and dandy when you press the buttons on the control panel. All moving parts work A-ok but are a little sticky with age - an afternoon with a screwdriver and some WD40 is on the cards to sort it out - no biggie.

Other than that erm.... there's some wear on the driver's right kidney bolster (damn fat Japs!).

That's it pretty much. Once it's had the paint/arches sorted and the map tweaked it really is a 500bhp absolute minter.

I'd be looking for £12k for the car when sorted. The paint/arches/map tweak will cost well under a grand but to keep it easy I'd take £11k for it as is. Pretty damn good value when you consider that the car stands me at £20k. The clutch, turbos, intercooler, Power FC and injectors are worth over £6k on their own!


The people that have seen my car (Mascrat Manor, JAE and other local meets) can vouch for it's condition. I'm in no rush to sell. It's a second car and hasn't been forced into the daily commute, and as such I'm happy to keep using my daily hack for work and just take this out the odd weekend or evening for a play.

Like I said - I'd be after £11k 'as is' (OVNO) but will be sorting out the few little niggles and once they're done it'll be £12k and not a penny less. This is an absolutely honest advert so I've listed all the niggles with the car. None of these are big jobs and will be slowly but surely addressed over winter. If you're happy to sort the niggles yourself then fine - you'll get the car at a discount. If not then I'm happy to fix them and like I say - the price tag will then be £12k on the nose.

I'll be happy to take any additional photos that anyone might want - please just ask :)

I'm also happy to take a fairly cheap part-ex and would consider:

- BMW 5 series diesel auto (FSH) up to £4k
- Merc diesel auto (FSH) up to £4k
- Evo 4 (must have service history) up to £6k
- Anything else that's interesting but worth no more than £6k and must have service history

Thanks for looking :)


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Good luck with the sale mate I'm sure you will miss her as she is a real beauty:cool:

To anyone interested,

I have the FNSH (Middlehurst St. Helens) for the UK R33 GT-R engine in Jim's R32 and had full health checks/service done prior to the sale of the engine.
I can, and will, provide anyone interested in Jim's sale with a copy of the service history - up to the sale of the engine.

I even have all receipts for engine works and the specific receipt for the upgrades carried out listed as a UK500BHP conversion, again from Middlehurst's.

Note: The engine was only sold as I bought a Top Secret engine from Japan, not because the engine had any faults at all.

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Cheers guys :) Will be gutted to see her go and will definitely rejoin the Skyline fold at some time in the future but I guess we all have to be sensible at some point in our lives, eh? :(

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Bumpalicious :D

Am happy to consider a PX.

Took the old girl out for a drive over to Mascrat Manor on Monday. Nice to stretch her legs on the motorway on the way home. Ye Gods - I'm definitely swaying back towards keeping her.

Noooooo :(

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Didn't realise it was for sale Jim.

I've seen this car on a couple of occasions and can assure any potential buyers that's it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Good luck mate.

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Been getting requests for some more photos, so here they are :)


A'PEXi boost controller:

A'PEXi air filters - new filters changed a couple of hundred miles ago:

Engine bay:

Hard pipe kit:

HKS actuators:

HKS Power centre strip:

Nismo oil cap:

Cusco high pressure rad cap:

Samco coolant pipes (the red ones at the back of the engine bay):

Uprated interooler:



Centre console (please note that the head unit will be coming out and the small box in front of the gearstick - the remote tyre pressure readout - will also be coming out):

Cold start - good oil pressure:

Driver's seat - small wear patch on right bolster:

Passenger seat

Rear right seat:

Rear left seat:

Very small cigarette burn on rear left seat:

Alpine tweeters:

Nismo leather gearknob with new leather gearknob and handbrake gaiters:


Front right arch - small rust patch:

Just in front of the front right arch:

Rear right arch:

Both left arches are pretty much the same - couldn't get round to get photos of the left side without getting intimate with the bushes - will snap them next time I move the car (probably tomorrow to give her a clean).

Spoiler - you can see the small patch of paint I pulled up like a dufus at the bottom of the left spoiler leg:


Taxed until end of May 2007:

If anyone wants any other specific photos please let me know :)

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Try again (posted 'em before but forgot to resize so the piccies we MASSIVE! So I deleted the post as it'd just take waaaaaay too long to load up otherwise.

More photos:

The last one I took got a bit wobbly as I moved the camera when pressing the button but it looks pretty cool so I thought I'd stick it up too :D

Left rear arch - small rust bubbles :(

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Very nice car Jim and similar to mine :thumbsup:

Bin the light blue mats + harness, and get rid of the dog hairs and dust in the interior and engine bay and you should have no problems selling her at that price IMO :)

How come there is rust on the front wing when they are made of aluminium??

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Possibly. Might get the fix cost down then if there's no tin worm on the front panel - just clean up and repaint :) Exxxxxcellent :D

On the downside I'm starting to pine for the old girl, even though she's still sat on the drive.

The brain wants to sell her. But since Totalburnout posted this:

The heart wants to slap on some chrome 5 18" spokes, fat Trust skirts and a painted vented bonnet with big GT wing to finish it off :D Nooooooo!!!! Yeeeessssss!!!! AAARGGH!!!
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