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Nissan GT-R Black Edition
Registered: 15/12/2009
Current Location: Glasgow

For sale is my beloved 600bhp Nissan GTR, previously owned by golfer Simon Dyson. I have had the joy of owning this car for over 5 years and a genuine reason for sale has forced me to part. Full Service history with a recent MOT, carried out by Nissan Glasgow with full inspection also carried out. Car currently sits with 36,000 miles on the clock that will only very slightly increase.

11 Service stamps following Nissan schedule but 12 monthly:

29/03/2010 - 1246 miles - Nissan Westway Oxford
29/09/2010 - 2497 - Nissan wlmg
24/01/2011 - 4181 - Nissan wlmg
14/05/2012 - 9549 - Middlehurst
16/04/2013 - 11070 - Nissan Benfield
05/08/2014 - 19104 - Nissan Noble Edinburgh
08/05/2015 - 21699 - Nissan Noble Edinburgh
19/05/2016 - 27808 - Nissan Noble Edinburgh
26/09/2017 - 31287 - Automek Performance Specialists East Kilbride
04/10/2018 - 33834 - Automek Performance Specialists East Kilbride
31/10/2019 - 35424 - Automek Performance Specialists East Kilbride

Work carried out during my ownership:

October 2016 - Gearbox issue, car was transported from Glasgow to AC Speedtech following a gearbox issue. They carried out a full gearbox rebuild and replaced a few parts, including the all important upgraded Circlip (a must on 08-10 cars). I have an invoice for all work carried out. I had it sent here after multiple recommendations and I cannot praise the guys there enough, they really are GTR experts. New transmission fluid was obviously put in after the repair. I then replaced it again following my 230 mile drive home, as recommended by AC Speedtech. This was done by local specialist - Automek. Car has been perfect, and now drives smoother than before. Transmission Oil has since been replaced again since during a service.

October 2019 - Rear anti-roll bar drop links replaced after being flagged up as worn during MOT at Nissan. I also had the ABS Pump refurbished (common fault). This was carried out by Control Units UK after coming recommended on the forum. This is another common issue the new owner won't have to worry about. The repair also comes with a 5 year warranty.

It has a full Milltek Stainless steel exhaust system as per Litchfield's Stage 2 upgrade, however the car has a Stage 1 map. I bought the car thinking it was standard, so fitted a brand new Miltek y-pipe and had a Litchfield stage 1 map done October 2015. It was only when the car was at AC Speedtech they pointed out I had a full Milltek system (dont ask how mechanic never pointed out I was replacing a y-pipe like for like). After further digging and discussion with Litchfield, they confirmed the car had a Stage 2 upgrade under a different Registration plate number. They advised there was no point paying to switch back to the stage 2 map, as it would make very little difference and car would be around the 600bhp mark. New owner can do this if they please, it has a full ECUTEK licence on the ECU and has the K&N stage 2 filters too. It also comes with a Cobra tracker fitted (yearly subscription required) that can be activated should the new owner wish.

The car has NEVER been launched. Can be verified for buyer via ECUTEK dongle. I have also been advised the car has never been tracked because the engine and fluid temperatures have never reached high enough levels that reflect track use (all historical data is logged and can be viewed via ECUTEK). New discs and pads fitted 5000 miles ago, and are almost like new. Wheels are spotless, all 4 recently refurbished with brand new Tyre Pressure monitor sensors fitted this year. Tyres also have plenty of wear left. Car has always been stored inside away from the elements during my ownership and run on 99 ron fuel, very occasionally 97. Car also has the HD sat nav system including Bluetooth, not found on earlier cars. Also has rear 4 light conversion kit fitted, so that all 4 rings are on when light on, standard on newer models. I bought the car without the Nissan badge on rear. I acquired one with a view to fitting it but never got round to it, will be included in the sale. I have piles of paperwork for all work carried out on the car by myself and previous owners.

I am looking for £33,500, which I believe is a very fair price. E-mail - [email protected] Tel: 07500112635

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I decided to keep my car a little longer and did an epic tour of Scotland just before lockdown. However the time has come again for her to go up for sale. I have reduced my asking price from £35,000 to £33,500


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