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Hi guys

I'm thinking of selling my GTR and before I'd put her up on "another website" I thought I'd put here up here as I want to avoid silly dealers offering silly money etc. Figured people reading this will be more relevant, if you know what I mean.

I'll be upfront and say that I am in 2 minds but I quite like the look of the new ones and I'm thinking I might take the plunge again.

My car is a late 64 reg Storm White GTR with 10,300 miles. I've just had her serviced by Nissan HPSC in Belfast which was her second annual service there (she has done no miles since I drove her home from this a couple weeks ago). In their words (not mine), they have described my car as being in "exceptional condition". She still has 12 months Nissan warranty and they tell me the next service is relatively minor as the latest one was regarded as major.

I bought the car from Nissan London and they fitted a Milltek non-res yPipe for me for collection - the car sounds amazing and I didn't want to do anything to risk warranty etc and I'm quite happy with the nice noise from the yPipe only.

From the miles you will see I don't use her everyday. Dry days only where we can head out for a spin or for some dinner after she has a polish:) I'm 40 years old and am pretty meticulous when it comes to car care.

This car has never been launched or seen a track and I'd gladly welcome anyone to plug her in to verify all this. I'm sure everyone claims no launches etc, but that's the truth anyway.

There is absolutely no stone chips on the car and only one small almost invisible half inch hairline mark on a wheel - I'd give you 10 minute to try and find it :)

Based on advice I put the little larger MPSS tyres on the car and they all have an even 6mm thread left (as confirmed by Nissan at the service). She also has the wheel alignment done again there at service - I have her set at motorway setting for the alignment.

Inside is immaculate and I am a non-smoker. She still smells great and new!

I wash her with a hot Power-washer (to remove any grit) and 2 bucket approach with a lambs wool mitt and am a big fan of Meguiars products so she gets everything from the special wash shampoo to the liquid wax.

You'll know the rest of the good stuff in terms of performance and features. My regret in selling her would be that I don't think I'd find one like her, but then again I suppose everyone says that too!:blahblah:

So looking at prices I can only be guided by what dealers are asking online and what my friend sold his for recently. His was white too, 14k miles but 6 months older and a dealer sold it for him for £57k (what he got). Mine being 6 months younger and less miles with almost new tyres and just being serviced, I am asking £59,950.

Car is based in Northern Ireland but I can be flexible if anyone is coming from England, Scotland or Wales.

My mobile is +353 833557799 if you are interested. Private plate not included with the car. Many thanks.


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