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Thought it's about time I put it up to see what you lot think.

Body Styling
Standard GTR kit
Nismo GTR side skirts
Nismo GTR splitter
Carbon bonnet
Rear spoiler
Clear front indicators
Ganadoll full aero mirror
DCY Graphics

Tomei forged pistons
HKS high cam shafts
Metal gasket
H shape connrod
Naplex high response kit
Fully modified head
HKS GT2540R twin turbo
Trust one of piping kit
One of front pipe and 90mm straight pipe
Gozigen 304max
Os giken 3rd close ratio, twin plates clutch
kartz 2ways LSD
HKS fcon v pro gold special mapping
Sard 720cc injectors
Tomei fuel delivery pipe
Trust oil cooler
Aluminium radiator
HKS GT inter cooler
Samco hose kit
HPI new bolt igniter
Nismo fuel pressure regulators

Clifford 650 CAT1
Alpine mp3

N1 brake master cylinder
Pro mu level max 900 brake pads front and rear
Special adjustable coil over
Strut braces front and rear
ARC adjustable stabilizer front and rear
Highcas cancel rod

Blitz SBC-ID, water temp, ex temp, fuel
pressure, oil temp gauges
7 points roll cage with safety pad
Cobra bucket seats
stripped interior
4 point harness

SSR Professors
265/45/18 Bridgestone tyres

0-60 - TBC
0-100 - TBC
1/4 Mile - 13.12 wont launch at all :rolleyes:
Top Speed - TBC
BHP - maximum power is more than 600bhp


823 Posts
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I do like that a lot George - looks awesome in the flesh as well.....

I personally far preffered it without Graphics but very aware it would be a wasted opportunity for you without!

I really like the car when it had no graphics to Nick, like you say wasted opertunity, I am thinking of a way to have it plain but still have a nice subtle dcy going on!

I will upload some big pics tonight.
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