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75bhp wet nitrous kit+extras


for sale. cold fusion nitrous setup currently fitted with 75bhp jets

wet kit so injects nitrous and fuel just before the inlet plenum,

comes with everything as per this ebay ad:

BRAND NEW FULL WET NITROUS KIT WITH 10LB BOTTLE nos on eBay (end time 20-Dec-09 13:09:41 GMT)

the kit as you can see retail at £415 and also comes with a electric bottle heater and a thermal jacket to fit the bottle, switch operated, these retail at £100

so looking for £300 no offers which is probably the cheapest way your gonna get 75bhp extra out of anything!

i was goin to get Nev at F1 moto to install it as an anti lag style. Comes on full throttle instantly and switches off at a pre-determinded boost setting so its only on before turbo spools up.
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