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Was not sure whether to start a new project or not but thought what the heck. If nothing else its a good place to keep all the info.

I did the last one 4 or 5 years ago on a 2009. This time I have a 2018 to play with.

Where will it end up? I have no idea.


Car has Full Nissan History but just take a look at the air filters after 18K miles (serviced in March this year). What a flaming joke. Bottom filter pic shows at least they do a good job in keeping the dirt out. Don't these Nissan guys ever do a proper job!!. Worried now about the rest of the workmanship. Oil and filters in the process of getting order will change once I get back home.

My car was a bit lumpy at idle and my STFT and LTFT were out. I now know why. That filters were blocking everything. Before I took the filters out I did a bank learn which sorted the idle out but not the fuel trims. I was worried I had an air leak until I took out the air filters. Most annoying. The service cost the last guy around £1k
I'd be reluctant to use a main dealer unless I had a GTR service plan and certainly wouldn't after year 3 as they are so expensive compared to the quality independents. You get a better courtesy car though ... Some of the dealer's seem to have trouble keeping their master technicians.
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