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Hallo, I´m new here!

I have a Problem!
I have a Friend, that thinks a Skyline and other japan Sportscars are not so god how many another european Sportscar!
I have already shown to Him many videos and duels who Skyline is better then Porsche, BMW,..... but he says this everything is not true or the drivers were not equal!

Who in the Internet i can found Reports of a Skyline GT-R!
Or comparisons with another european Sport-Wehicels(911 Turbo 996, RS4....) in a renowned trade journal or in a celebrated technical periodical ???
Or Expert opinions of a Skyline!
Anything, where He cannot say it´s not true!

Help me!!!
I not want to run that the Japanese vehicle in such a bad name!

PS: Sorry for my bad englisch :)

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You have no problem.


Nice to have you on the board.

Have a look at the comment in this thread. It's an indication of what happens when a Skyline GT-R and a Porsche (if I remember well it was a 2002 type Cup car) are driving in the wet at the same time.

You should also look into the result of the 24H event on the Nuerburgring earlier this year and compare the results of the Falken Skyline against Porsches. You can check actual lap times of the Falken Skyline and Porsches on this site. You have to look at the 3rd or 4th VLN event on the Ring; start number was 44 or 77 if I remember well.

If I were you, I would ask your friend to prove his prejudice against Japanese sports cars with hard figures instead of proving your "innocence" to him...

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