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After a year of happy ownership the time has come to part with my Skyline, unfortunately the wife has had an op on her back and I need something slightly more suited to daily usage as she can't go in it any more.
The car is a K plate, 1992, Bnr32, in pearl black.
Spec is, standard rb26, running standard boost level, with a few complimentary mods:
Link G4 Ecu, with Mafs removed
Aftermarket intercooler (4" tube and fin core)
Hardpipe kit
Mines equal Length Downpipes/decat
Tomei full Titanium cat back system (a work of art and sounds simply awesome)
Zeal Coilovers
Cross drilled discs all round
Carbon Fibre vented bonnet with aero catches
Smoked indicators (I still have the orange ones if prefered)
BBS Lm Split rims with 4 matching Goodyear Eagle F1's 245/40/17
Very rare Nismo 400 drivers seat
Headlights converted to Xenons

Interior is completely standard and in fantastic condition, no holes have been cut in dash, carpets like new, still has japanese distress flare in footwell :).
Paint is beautiful, and the underside is in fantastic shape, no nasty damage caused by jacking etc, original space saver still unused in boot.
Milage is 52k (reads as 85,000 Kilometers)
It had the geometry done at the start of the year and a full service last month, Fuchs Titan pro s used in engine, Gearbox is filled with Redline Shockproof, once warmed performs lovely, no crunches, as is common on the R32 :)
The car for 22 years old I think its way above average. The only nit-picks I can think of is the remote button for the boot has recently stopped working, and the oil pressure gauge is iffy (common r32 fault)
I have a set of gauges (oil pressure, oil temp, boost) that I was going to replace the standard ones with, i'll throw these in with the car.
Taxed till end of Sept and I'll put a fresh MOT on as thats got a month left.
Price £9,995

I don't want a part ex, but I'm after a nice low milage Evo X, or Subaru Sti Hatch so would do a deal for one..
Goes without saying but no silly offers please, if you an R32 GTR for 7k, go and buy a cheap one as I'm not that desperate to sell and this aint yer average rot box
Any queries please call/text me on 07944 078786 (no after 8 pm calls though please)
Piccies galore please use link :) pics

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Wish I had had the funds too *daydreams*.

Congratulations JoshThePonce on a mint buy it seems ! Welcome to the ownership of a Skyline R32 GTR. May I suggest you take a look at becoming a member of the GTROC too ? :)

Also if you had the time, would you be able to post us a good quality sound clip of your car running and on some revs and such ? That set up sounds amazing

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Yes i'll get myself signed up on there sooner or later.

Ofcourse, i'll get a video up asap when i collect it, it does sound lovely.

Starts off really smooth sounding and as you get into the higher revs it starts breaking up and roaring, complimented by some lovely pops and bangs too :cool:

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That didn't take long! x x x x x
im not surprised :)

Deposit taken on this today, not sure if I'm happy it's been a painless sale or gutted it's going lol
sooner or later you will realise it bud. i think the hardest part of selling your pride and joy is when you saw it drove off and the last thing you seen is the rear end of it as it disappear.

hope it went to a good home and going to be looked after. congrats you sold it though
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