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As quite a few people already know, I'm moving to pastures greener in a short while.
The Gloria is already up for sale and, unfortunately, it's time to put my pride and joy up for sale too.

I've had the car for about three and a half years now. The previous owner, a well respected member of the Skyline 'community' had totally pampered it whilst owning it. It came to me in stage 1'ish spec and bit by bit I've turned it into what is, for me at least, pretty much my dream Skyline. I have no wish to add up what has been spent on the car since I purchased it, but suffice to say it's an absolutely HUGE sum of money.
The car was featured in J-Tuner, back in issue 6 if I remember correctly, and it's certainly a fairly well known car on the scene.

However, things have and still are changing in my life so it's time for the car to become someone elses pride and joy.
Needless to say I'm gutted to be selling her.

So, to the car:-

Engine details

Originally built by Top Secret Japan for a customers car. Engine stripped, Billet crank and several other items added for peace of mind, and then re-built with all new Nismo bearings, prior to fitting into this car.

Engine spec

Seasoned R32 block
HKS Billet Crank
HKS 87mm Step 2 Pistons
HKS H-profile Rods
Nismo crank bearings
Nismo rod bearings
Trust big sump
Head polished
Cooling channels added
Ports polished
Valves matched
Firing chambers matched
Trust 272 deg high lift cams
Trust valve springs
Trust T88-34D turbo
Trust T78/T88 specific intake
Twin Apexi air filters
Top Secret manifold
Top Secret downpipe
HKS Silent Hi-Power exhaust
Trust dump valve
Trust wastegate (with screamer pipe)
Trust Drag intercooler
Specific fabricated intercooler piping
Trust gaskets
Tomei Timing belt
ATI crank pulley damper
Trust uprated radiator
N1 Water pump
Nismo thermostat
Mocal oil cooler
Remote mount oil filter
1000cc injectors
Abbey Motorsport fuel fail
NGK Racing 9 full recessed spark plugs
Huge SX fuel pump (feeding fuel rail from swirl pot)
2 litre fuel swirl pot
Tomei in-tank fuel pump (feeding swirl pot)
SX fuel filters
SX fuel pressure regulator
Earls braided fuel hoses used throughout

Exedy Carbon Triple plate clutch

HKS Fcon V-Pro mapable management system
Greddy Profec B Spec-2 boost controller


Tein Flex coilovers
EDFC in-car damping controller
Whiteline anti-roll bars
Cusco front links
Cusco Rear links
Tein Pillow ball tension rods
JIC Magic Carbon/Alluminium front strut brace


AP Racing 6 piston callipers & 343mm discs (front)
Standard callipers with DBA 4000 series discs (rear)
Ferodo DS2500 pads front and rear
Cusco brake master cylinder stopper


Volk Racing GT-C 19”x10.5” with 275/30-19 tyres


Top Secret front bumper
Jun style FRP bonnet
Nismo rear spats
Bi-level carbon fibre rear spoiler blade (in stock mountings)
Ganador aero mirrors
Nismo carbon B-pillar garnish
Nismo carbon spoiler end caps


Greddy 2-bar boost gauge with peak hold
Clarion DXZ938 in ltd edition black
Focal 165K2 component speakers
Clarion Perfect 12.1D subwoofer
JBL 180.2 amp (powering the components)
JBL 300.1 amp (powering the sub)
Top Secret gear knob


Clifford Cat 1 alarm
Tracker system

Although I'm moving overseas, I'm not in a huge hurry to sell and am willing to hold out for decent money for the car......I think it's worth it.

I'm going to ask £27,500.....that's a lot of money, but it's a hell of a lot of car .
I'm on holiday for a week from tomorrow, but will be checking my PM's from time to time, so ask whatever you like.


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good luck with the sale, good cars fetch good money. I think who ever buys it at that price is getting a phenominal car:bowdown1: :bowdown1:

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Good luck with the sale and the move Mark.
This car is awesome in the flesh.
Can you send me a disc with all your recent pics Mark......calendar time:)

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Top car and a top bloke

Sorry to see you are selling the 33 mate - it's an absolute stunner (one of my personal favourites).

I'd like to wish you well in your move mate - I hope you'll be keeping in touch.

I don't like to clutter "for sale" threads ... but this truely is a top car - and I hope whoever buys it looks after it as well as Mark has.
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I can vouch for this car, there are very few people around that say just do what you think is neccesary. This car has been built with no expense spared.

I will speak to anyone interested in this motor , it has all the right stuff and in my opinon the best 33 colour.


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Again, cheers for all the comments guys. Am truly guted to have to sell her but don't want it to just sit for 2 to 3 years whilst I'm in Canada. :bawling:
Might well get on with another Skyline project whilst I'm away so won't be out of the scene completely....something quite different this time;)

iallan said:
Hi, lovely car, has she been dyno'd, wat were the results, at what revs does she come on boost, cheers,iallan.
Hi Iallan, the car has indeed been dynoed and I do have the dyno sheets here with me, however my scanner is buggered at the moment.
The car made 593.2bhp at the hubs.
It starts making proper boost (say 1bar) at about 5000rpm and is at full boost about 500rpm later :squintdance:
Despite this it is quite a useable car, particularly with the carbon clutch. I even used it to go back and forth to work for a few weeks :)

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take her to Canada:clap: :clap:
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