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I thought I'd offer my pride and joy of several years up for sale here as well.

I imported this car from the UK in January 2006, back then it was stock save for the downpipe and catback exhaust. In September the same year I hit the wall at a trackday event here in Sweden. No expenses were spared in restoring the car, work was carried out by one of the absolutly top-rated workshops in Sweden. Any parts even hinting at ever so light damage were replaced by brand new ones. I don't have the invoice in front of me, but I seem to remember that the figures went above the £15K-mark with more than 10 grand for parts alone.

All aftermarket parts save for the bonnet, the combination meter and the turbochargers were bought brand new from well-known manufacturers, with receits and certificates to prove this. There isn't one "cheap Chinese" item on this car.

The car has now covered about 34,000 miles (about 28,000 miles when I imported it). Engine needs to be mapped fully, but the car is perfectly drivable and I've driven it to and from work most days during this summer.

More information (in English) and pictures can be found here. This is a clean website without pop-ups or such crap and there is no need for registration. I can take and send more pictures upon request.

Ported and polished head
NISSAN N1 Oil Pump
NISSAN N1 Water Pump
TOMEI Intake Camshaft 260° Lift 10.25mm
TOMEI Exhaust Camshaft 252° Lift 9.15mm
TOMEI Adjustable Intake Cam Pulley
TOMEI Adjustable Exhaust Cam Pulley
TOMEI Valve Lifters
TOMEI Valve Springs 10.85mm
TOMEI Valve Guides
TOMEI Oil Gallery Orifice 1.5mm
TOMEI Head Gasket 1.2mm 87.0mm
TOMEI Throttle Body Gaskets
TOMEI Intake Manifold Gaskets
TOMEI Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
GREDDY Timing Belt
GREDDY Engine Pulley Kit
GREDDY Racing Intercooler R-SPL HG Type 23
GREDDY Full Intercooler Piping Kit
GREDDY Racing Radiator
GREDDY Radiator Piping Kit
GREDDY Radiator Cap
GREDDY Intake Plenum
GREDDY Intake Plenum Piping Kit
GREDDY Oil Filler Cap
GREDDY Blow-Off Valve Type-RS x 2
GREDDY Extension Pipe Kit
GREDDY Power Extreme Ti-R Titanium Catback Exhaust
GREDDY Type-S Adjustable Suspension Kit
APEXI Power FC D-Jetro + Hand Commander
APEXI Power FC Boost Control Kit
APEXI Turbo Timer
SARD 800cc Injector x 6
SARD 280L Fuel Pump
SARD Fuel Pump Harness Kit
SARD Fuel Filter
SARD Fuel Delivery Pipe
SARD Adjustable Fuel Regulator Type-R
SARD Adjustable Fuel Regulator Adapter
NISMO Engine Mount x 2
NISMO Transmission Mount
NISMO Low Temperature Thermostat
NISMO R32N1 Turbocharger x 2
NISMO Super Coppermix Twin Plate Clutch
NISMO Fully Lightened & Balanced Flywheel
NISMO Combination Meter (White)
NISMO Front Indicators (White)
NISMO Side Indicators (White)
NISMO Carbon Fibre B-Pillar Garnish
NISMO Carbon Fibre Side Skirts
NISMO Carbon Fibre Rear Skirts
DRIFTWORKS Adjustable Camber Arms Front
DRIFTWORKS Adjustable Camber Arms Rear
DRIFTWORKS Adjustable Traction Control Rods
DRIFTWORKS Adjustable Tension Rods
VARRSTOEN ES332 19x9.5 ET12
CUSTOM Wheel Center Caps "GTR"
KUMHO Ecsta KU31 265/35ZR19 (covered some 1,200 miles)
MINE'S N1 Intercooler Air Vents
STOUT Carbon Fibre Aero Bonnet (Color Coded)
KNIGHT RACER Carbon Fibre High Level Rear Wing (partly Color Coded)
GT-CULTURE Carbon Fibre Front Spoiler (Color Coded)
GT-CULTURE Carbon Fibre Front Splitter
SUNLINE RACING Carbon Fibre Cooling Panel (not yet mounted to car)
PIONEER PRS-D410 4-Channel Amplifier
PIONEER TS-E1702is 6.5" Superior Coaxial Speaker x 4

Since another car I've waited years to buy has now become available I'm offering this one at a price I would otherwise not sell it for, but on the other hand it's time-limited and completely non-negotiable.

Price: £22,000 or €28,000

Primary contact through PM or e-mail: skyline-alecci (a)

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As stated in the ad I can provide lots of pictures upon request, just PM your e-mail address.

For those that are reluctant to do so for whatever reason, some more pictures are available here, though not in chronological order.

Just got home from work, but will get round to answer everyone's private messages and e-mail during the evening, but please be patient as I received far more response to this ad than I had anticipated.

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By the way, since many been asking for them, here are the figures from the dyno when the car was base mapped:

502 PS/495 bhp @ 6,700 rpm and 580 Nm/428 lbft @ 5,400 rpm with boost at 1.2 bar estimated at the crank. Mapping was done with stock catalyst, stock ignition timing (camshafts in standard position) and on 95 octane fuel.

I've got a dyno sheet complete with wheel figures to prove this, but I only have it in paper format at this time. I will aim to borrow the scanner at the office tomorrow to scan it for those that are interested.

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if the job has been done properly as the pictures suggest its a steal imo

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A first batch of pictures, I thought put them in the ad since there's quite a few people that have requested them.

First a picture of the dyno session:

Then a picture of some, though not all, of the invoices, receipts and certificates:

On the far left there's a folder lying on the chair with more of this, they wouldn't all fit the table.

Then some shots of the interior:

There are some minor tears on the support bolster on the driver's seat, a close-up of that here:

The item used for comparison is exactly 69 mm in diameter.

More pictures to follow...

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Due to popular request, here's another batch of pictures:

Passenger's side strut tower:

Driver's side strut tower:

Driver's side rear wheel arch:

Passenger's side rear wheel arch:

As this is Sweden it's more or less fully dark outside by now, so I had to take these pictures inside my quite small garage, where lighting unfortunately isn't very good. This is the reason for the weird angles and poor quality of the pictures. If I get home from work in decent time tomorrow I'll try to snap off some more.

These will be all the pictures for today.

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All I will say at this time is that a member of this forum made the deposit. I will leave it to him/her to make an announcement if he/she chooses to complete the deal.

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All I will say at this time is that a member of this forum made the deposit. I will leave it to him/her to make an announcement if he/she chooses to complete the deal.

Eurospec maybe as he's sold his 35 now I think?

Hope the sale goes through ok

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no someone beat me to it, I was mulling over it but wanted a bayside blue v spec or a nur, this was very tempting but someones bagged it now anyway
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