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Hi all, just a quick thread from us to introduce you to ABC Detailing!

In short, we are specialists in detailing and luxury car care; from paint correction through to new car protection.

Some of you may have seen us as a sponsor over on a few other forums and we are one of 23 Auto Finesse Authorised Detailers.

We are fully insured and based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. We also work with dealerships all over the country to prepare new cars and can often prepare your new car before collection.

To save the boredom of more text to read, here are a few photos of our work over the years -

I will be sharing a few threads with a giveaway over the next week and welcome any comments or questions! :D

Just a few of our important links and contact details -

Website -
Email - [email protected]
Phone - 07854625755

Facebook -
Instagram -
YouTube Channel -



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That T Bucket takes me back to my early teenage years. I know all the other cars are some of the most desirable there are but the T is the one I’d want in my garage.
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