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Hi everyone,

Popped into my local Nissan Dealer today to see whether they could get me some GTR merchandise, follwoing the replies that my previous post in the wanted received.

Anyway to cut a long story short, they were unable to match any of the part numbers that Matt J provided for me, if anyone is visiting a Nissan Dealer in the near future especially Middlehurst then would you mind checking these details with them in order to try and find out whether my dealer has just had a funny turn or something.

Here are the details:

"Found It!
Found the brochure,

Parker Pen - NSK006 - £15.50
(Black barrel with chrome in case with enamel GTR Badge)

Baseball cap - NSK007 - £10.00
(Black with grey suede peak GTR embroidered)

T-Shirt - NSK003 - £12.50
(Embroidered logo M-XXL)

Leather Washbag - NSK005 - £65.00
(Lined zipped bag with full GTR logo)

Ronson Lighter - NSK008 - £36.00
(Black with silver trim - pizo ignition butane filled.)

Holdall - NSK004 - £210.00 (Full leather!)
(Soft nappa black leather holdall - enamel logo etc)

Briefcase - NSK002 - £125.00 (Leather)
(Soft nappa black leather - enamal logo)

SCHOTT leather Jacket - NSK001 - £370.00
(sizes M-XXL)

All have the GTR logo on and are available from local Nissan dealerships according to the brochure.

I have to say that the caps and T-shirts are good value for money! As for the rest, they seem expensive, but most things relating to the GTR are.


Any help that anyone can provide will be really appreciated.



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Nissan apparel.


I bought the following items from a Nissan dealership in Grimsby.

T-shirt, Baseball cap and Parker pen.

I will give them a call if you need any more info.


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Just bought the Cap and Tee shirt from Middlehurst. Cap was a tenner, and the (Nismo) Tee shirt was £15.50. I did ask for an extra large shirt mind you.................lets just say it fits my Girlfriends 11 year old son perfectly!!! I'll have to order the Jap version of Super-extra fat ba$%*&d size next!!!

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