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Well, I went on over to South Hampton Car Auctions yesterday with two mates to have a look at the jap metal and the whole "import" process and thought I would share a few pics/words on the subject as I have never been before.

There seem to be two main auctions in the Area.
One is called "Motorways" and the other is called "A1 Auto's", both are within two miles of each other and both have a selection of cars which I'm sure most people on these boards would find appealing.

"Motorways" seemed to be the place to go, it was fairly rammed.
A1 auto's seemed to be dead which might imply "Motorways" is the palce to go when you consider many of the people there were regulars and "know the score". Though both had good selections. A1 seemed more strict on prices.

At this point I should point out that in Motorways at least (probably the same) you need to be in the car trade to bid, though as far as I can tell anyone can spectate.

R32's, R33's inc V-spec, R34 (GTS's (gtr's are rare and start at around 24k+) Evo's, Scooby's, Integra's, FTO's and all of these range from bog standard to reasonably well modified including a wide range of camper vans such as Bongo Friendee's which are very cool and looked closer to "mystery machines".

Inspecting the cars..

I was surprised to see that you get very little time to inspect the cars.
When they are parked up they are locked, the bonnet is closed and at this point you really have no idea on what you're bidding on apart from looks.

The only way to inspect the car before you put a bid on it is to hang around the lot and wait for the designated driver to start it.

He'll flip the lid, use a booster pack (because all batteries are dead!) and if you're lucky you'll get about 3 minutes to inspect the car, listen for any bad knocks, but as for doing things like whipping the air flow pipes off and checking for play in thing's like the turbo's forget it, but you do get the luxury of seeing the car started from cold, but it's pretty clear that you'll not get an opportunity for a test drive to check for thing's like a slippy clutch.

Some of the "vehicles" there were not so good, but that was a small %.
We saw a Corvette (and lot's of other American cars) with a dodgy wheel offset.

Some were leaking oil, but on the whole I gotta say I was fairly impressed and those problems were mostly apparent on the USA cars that had clearly seen better days.

Every skyline I saw sounded sweet mechanically and many looked untouched, though I'll leave it up to you to decide on whether bit's have bee stripped off in transit, or before they were imported. Something which I'm sure goes on at times, but in no way am I saying this happens for sure. Just me being cynical.

Here are some more pics. I did post them on screen but the sizes were huge and no time to crop them.


Hard to say, but I saw plenty of R33 GTR's going for around the late 8k to 9k mark on a 95 plate.
Some of the prices seemed fairly good, but i kinda' went there with wide eyes expecting to see r33's going for thing's like 5-6k and it was not the case.

All in all a good experience and well worth the trip. I think they only run in weekday's, but do al little digging around on the net and have a look.

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This is the color of my car, do we have a count as to how many were produced in this color or any color for that matter.... I rarely see this color; I happen to really like it and sought it out....

Thanks guys
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