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Welcome :)

The cars are very reliable in general. Gearbox failures that people tend to hear about were limited to the first generation of cars that were only available in Japan. The bellhousing rattle can be an issue but it's covered by warranty and even if not Litchfield can sort it.

I don't have a warranty on my car at all and lots of people don't. Definitely don't go for the Nissan warranty at £2,600 a year as Litchfield do one for about £1,000 if you want the peace of mind.

The 2011 model year was the biggest change - power up from 485 to 530 BHP, better interior, better suspension, DRLs, new wheels etc.

You shouldn't have any problems getting a test drive on a Saturday so could you do that? Book in advance so there are no surprises. Different dealers will respond differently to younger people wanting a test drive so just be prepared to prove finances.
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