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                       MODELS: SKYLINE GT-R
                       TYPES: BCNR33
                       YEAR: 1995
                       COLOR: MIDNIGHT PURPLE
                       DISPLACEMENT: 2,700cc (bore up)TWIN TURBO
                       MILEAGE: 44,000km
                       OPTIONS: Fully loaded, Front body kit
                       MODIFICATION: Just finished Full Modifications, No drag run after maintained,
                                  900hp with NOS, HKS 6speed dogmission Ver.2, ATS 2way LSD,
                                  Best time 9.53sec., TOMEI 87size Racing piston, TRUST H connecting rods,
                                  N1 cylinder block, crankshaft full balanced proceed, Big ported proceed,
                                  TRUST TD06L2 x 2, TOMEI in/ex 280 hi-profile camshaft, Racing Valve spring
                                  Slidable camshaft holder, TOMEI Racing oil pomp, FEAST original oil catch tank
                                  Engine torque damper, TRUST 3low Intercooler, TRUST 16low oilcooler,
                                  FEAST alminium 3low Radiator, TRUST Radiator line, BOSCH 280L Racing fuel pomp x 2,
                                  NISMO adjustable fuel regurator, SARD 1000cc injector, SARD fuel collector tank,
                                  EARL's fuel line(stainless mesh pipe), FEAST original titanium muffler, FEAST original
                                  stainless manifold, FEAST original front pipe, TRUST Racing waistgate x 2, FEAST original
                                  piping, ENDLESS surge tank, NAPREC 100size single slottle, OS GIKEN Racing triple plate
                                  clutch, HKS hiper dumper for DRAG, CUSCO front stabilizer, FEAST original racing rear menber
                                  Racing Hart 17inch AW, NITTO-555R 275-40-17, HKS F-conV pro(gold), TECHTOM IIC-460
                                  ignite cut controler, BLITZ SBC DC Boost controler, BLITZ Racing monitor, NISMO 320km                                     meter, AUTO METER shift light, TOPSECRET Aero bonnet, Racing seat, 6Pchrome molibden
                                  roll cage, etc.
                       PRICE: JPY3,500,000/GBP17,060 (FOB) 

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Oh my gawd...that thing is clean. Not a huge 33 fan but I really like the looks of that one. Love the stereo...:D :D He just needs to lose the rear wiper. That thing is a total sleeper!!!

Who covered the plates?

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Whats the exhaust all about.. Its been welded all the way up it, the pipe looks wider to me, home made ?

thats a hell of a good price, now it doesn't need an sva
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