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Due to freeing the money up in my R33GTR i've now been without her for approx 3 months,well i say approx it's 2 months,1 week,3 days and 10 hours.
I honestly would never of believed that i could miss a car so much.To put it in context.A missing life long pet,your left arm,an eye,one testicle. The list is endless.
I now have an 06 diesel BMW.Don't get me wrong,it's a great car but alas it's not a GTR.Iknow i can hear you saying horses for courses and all that guff but my life has dramaticaly changed since i sold the GTR.Sorry did i say sold?i meant gave her away.
The crux of the matter is,hang on to these great cars,care for them and love them.Don't worry about the kids Christmas pressies they'll forget about it when they're older,or huge finance/credit card bills.A Skyline is for life not just a few years.
Many thanks,

p.s gutted,****ed off and driving f'ing slow.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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