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Finally, at last, wait over..... I have the beast.

After months of voyeurism on this forum I feel qualified and obligated to make a post: - Two primary comments.

1. Thank you all for so much entertainment and informative reading
2. The car is the finest machine I have experienced by a wide margin

Without wishing to bore everyone and trying to avoid what has already been posted here are some of my other observations.
The Dealership: - Marshall's of Cambridge. Phil Schofield. Outstanding service from a mainstream franchise. Honest, informative, knowledge without BS, excellent handover and keen to build a relationship. Thoroughly recommended based on experience with many dealers over the years, this one was worth having.

The costs so far: insurance with Admiral (48, west Sussex, good no claims, no tracker) £470. Three year service plan £110 a month. Gap insurance for top up to replacement car is £900 for three years. Number plate £250. Premium edition £53K and car tax £405. As for the rest Tyres (a problem me thinks) pads and disc and the odd thimble of fuel! (25 minute drive last week gave me an average fuel consumption of 8mpg.... This morning was a little improved at about 20)

The car: savage, sleek, chunky, sexy beyond compare. A head turner in every sense. Performance is blistering. I have a heavily breathed on Scooby MY03 STI and I believe if you started them together on ANY type of road the GTR would be out of sight inside a mile and a half. I think after the 1200 mile set up the car will breathtaking and a match of anything costing under half a million quid or not constructed out of a kit box.

Build quality is excellent (for a Japanese car). Engineering is the real crown Jewell of this whole experience. Mr Mizuno is a living legend and a genius. The passion and detailing is obvious with the eye, through the hands and under the foot. Truly a once in a generation achievement.

Will I track it.... not a chance? I could not bear to see an unsightly mark. Instead I will pitch up with the company who has bought one for us all to play with on track for £300 for the day (I wonder if I could fix my number plates to it and pretend?)

For those of you who have taken delivery we are a fortunate few beyond compare. For those waiting, if you sleep at night.. you shouldn’t be and for those thinking of going down the path of pleasure sell everything including the wife if you have too... the rewards will be worth it

Thanks again for educating me these last few months:thumbsup:
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