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£900 for gap insurance for 3 years sounds steep.
Hi Guys,

I hope you don't mind me jumping in here but I work for an online retailer of GAP Insurance policies and after having discussed GAP Insurance for three separate GT-R's today (and not being too familiar with the vehicle) I decided to look it up online and eventually found this forum and this post.

£900 for GAP Insurance on the vehicle discussed by the OP sounds like the dealer is (or at least should be) related to a certain Mr Turpin.

There's a number of different types of GAP Insurance available from a number of online suppliers and you'd be hard pushed to find them at anything like £900 for a policy comparable to that offered by the dealer.

For example, the absolute highest level of cover we can provide, underwritten by AXA Insurance (UK) plc, for a vehicle costing between £50k and £100k would be:
Replacement GAP Insurance
4 year cover
£25,000 claim limit
£380.73 all inclusive

In the event that your vehicle is written off, Replacement GAP Insurance covers the difference between your motor insurance payout and the equivalent cost of replacing the vehicle new-for-old at the time of claim (subject to the claim limit). By comparison, in almost all cases the GAP Insurance policies offered by motor dealers only payout up to the original price you bought the vehicle for.

I apologise if this sounds like a blatant advert but just wanted to point out that £900 is really very expensive indeed... unless the claim limit on that policy from the dealer is any higher than £25k in which case it's *arguably* worth at least some consideration, depending on the vehicle, anticipated mileage, funding method and so on.

If anyone has any questions about GAP Insurance, I'd be happy to answer them!



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£15k is fine - if you believe the CAP values.

I'm with CC and will pay a little extra for the peace of mind.

Predicting vehicle depreciation is difficult at the best of times because everybody has a different perspective and/or "school of thought" that they prefer.

I've had a look at Glass' Guide but they're not currently quoting used values for the GT-R (at least not in their May edition of their "Evaluator" software).

But take a look at these figures I got on the Parkers Guide website:

Standard Model

3.8 2d Auto

List Price: £54,900
3 Year Value: £37,396

3.8 (Sat Nav) 2d Auto

List Price: £56,800
3 Year Value: £38,145


3.8 Premium 2d Auto

List Price: £56,200
3 Year Value: £38,145

3.8 Premium (Sat Nav) 2d

List Price: £58,100
3 Year Value: £38,894

Black Edition

3.8 Black Edition 2d Auto

List Price: £57,500
3 Year Value: £39,269

3.8 Black Edition (Sat Nav) 2d

List Price: £59,400
3 Year Value: £40,018​

I don't mean to suggest for one second that Parkers Guide are the ultimate authority on predicting vehicle depreciation, but it's at least a starting point and their figures suggest that each derivative of the GT-R would depreciate by more than £15k over a 3 year term assuming average useage etc.


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