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hey, as usuall.... i have some random questions about pulling the RB26 motor from the GTR.

#1 when pulling the motor, do you have to remove the mud.splash gaugrd liners... they're basically the black plastic inner front fender liners...gotta remove those?

#2 i know you have to unbolt the front axels... but do you have to remove them completely? or just unbolt them?

#3 to unbolt the front axles is it easiest to take off the wheels, steering knuckles, tension rods and tables? or can it be done without taking all that stuff off?

#4 you don't need to bleed/drain the power steering system right? just unbolt the PS pump from the block... correct?

#5 same story for AC pump as PS pump.. right?

#6 when using an engine crane (2 tonne capacity) what on earth do are you supposed to use to connect that massive hook and chain from the crane to the block? ive seen people use seat belts, other chains.. but whats the Reccomended safest way?

#7 how many tranny bell housing bolts are there? (lol)

#8 the plan is to leave the tranny in place, so do i drop the front shaft from the engine side? and whats the best way to drop it? undo the circlips, and bolts that go through the U-joints?

#9 do i need to bleed the clutch system or can i just carefully unbolt the slave from the fork?

#10 i heard there was something special you need to do to release the fork and its done by moving the rubber boot from the fork and reaching inside and un-doing something in there.. whats the deal with this?

i think thats it for now, im sure there'll be more question as time goes on but id appreciate input on this..

thanks very much!

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1 Dont know I dont run them/I wouldnt think they would get in the way anyway
2 Pull both axles
3 remove wheels / hubs
4 right
5 right
6 use a strop, run under the manifolds / or make lifting eyes that bolt onto the engine
7 no idea
8 Never done one leaving the gearbox in place...Everyone I know pull both out / gearbox first , then engine (except Soichi.but ive never seen him actually doing one but he does have cars in his w/shop that appear to have had just engine pulled) cant remember ...have to pull front d/shaft though
9 undo slave
10 not that I can remember

Undo all the bits off the engine / axles etc:
Undo rear d/shaft
Pull gearstick out

The trickiest bit by far it getting to the 2 top bolts on the bellhousing ....(Oh and the starter motor bolts / 14mm stubby ratchett)
Yoda has the extension from hell for his socket set, its about 1200mm long ....
Lower the rear of the gearbox down as far as you can with it attached to the engine and reach up through the tunnel with the long reach socket setup and undo the two top bolts.
All other can be got reasonably easily.
You need to rotate the gearbox to pull it off the engine ....
You need to rotate it when you stick it back on.

Whats the MANUAL SAY ???
Its not that hard, if you have done that kind of thing before.
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