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After 6 months of trouble free motoring I've got problem!!

My ABS light started to come on immediately following ignition. It was intermittent at first where may 1 in 10 starts. Now its on all the time. The computer in the boot reports fault code 9. It does make a noise following ignition, sounding exactly like when the ABS is actively preventing your wheels from locking up during driving when applying too much brake pedal. Im not sure if this is new or not. But its been doing this noise for a while.

So out came the service manual and following the diagnostics procedure I'm left with abs actuator fault!!

So does anyone know if its possible to test the actuator? and is it repairable?
Do they fail often? and finally could there be something else in the system that may be giving me a false diagnostic that's worth checking first before I pull the abs actuator out.

Cheers for any help.
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