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OK I'm back after the winter break.... Took the car out for the first time Yesterday and reminded myself how great it is.:D

So catching up on the Forum posts came across this and was suprised at the lack of responses?

So here goes...

1. What is your favorite AccessPORT Feature?

Well has to be the ability to easily upload new maps.:)

2. What AccessPORT features do you use on a regular basis?

Number 1 is loading new maps
Number 2 is datalogging
Number 3 is uninstalling for a service.

3. How often do you use your AccessPORT to change maps?

Depends on what phase we are in. When things were developing was sometimes several times a day. Now that things have settled a bit it tends to be triggered by various motoring events so more like once every 2 weeks.

4. How often do you use your AccessPORT to data log?

Every time I have uploaded a new map, or am running on track with a new map.

5. What are some of the features you never use on your AccessPORT?

Most are used, have only rarely used the fault code stuff, but very pleased it’s there for when it’s needed.

6. What are the AccessPORT features you cannot live without?

Uploading maps and data logging.

7. If your AccessPORT only had 5 features, what would they be in order of importance?

Uploading new maps
Data logging
That you are in control and that it can be installed and uninstalled.
That it can be upgraded over the net.
Fault code resetting

8. What features would you add to the AccessPORT?

Setting of clutch capacity & touch points.
Resetting of tyre pressure sensors.
Adjusting launch revs / other launch related parameters.
Logging of the transmission temperature.
Disabling of the pedestrian protection system. (For when on track….)

A detail… But it would be good if when datalogging if the map name was included in the saved file name. If you do a lot of logging it’s easy to get confused.

Date and time would also be nice, but realise there is no RTC.

Not for the AP but, a program that we all use that graphically displays the data logging results, to enable quick comparisons and easier sharing of data

9. What is your opinion of COBB Tuning’s Off the Shelf (OTS) Maps? Do you use them? If so why? If not why not?

I used the initial release Stage 1 & 2 maps, and was very pleased with them. However since Ben / Thistle have come out with their maps have been through several generations of those. 99Ron, WG duty by RPM, WG3 and am about to try the latest V2 gear_tps map. Car has been in the garage for 4 Months waiting for the nicer weather…

10. What maps do you use most often? What maps do you never use? Which maps would you add?

Whatever is the latest Ben / Thistle custom maps, are used most often. I uninstall and put the standard map back when the car goes in for a service.

To be honest I am very happy with what has been achieved so far. Have yet to try the Gear_TPS map, but suspect that a few variants on that may be good for some special situations. Drag Strip mode, Twisty small circuit, Fast sweeping circuit etc.

Have never used anti-theft, valet mode or economy mode….

I do not know if it’s possible but would like a map that would allow me to start with VDC off for the best get away but then automatically switched into Transmission Race mode?

In summary it is a fantastic device, exactly what I would have wished for, but would never have expected it to exist. :)

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